Mindo Ecuador!

Mindo Ecuador!

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Destination: Mindo, Ecuador

Date: June 2016

Activity: Zip lines!


At the zip line in Mindo Ecuador with Trent & Colton June 2016, Mindo, Ecuador


The watershed of the Andes Mountains June 2016

Sounds like an amusement park but its so much more… it’s natures zip line amusement park! We decided last minute to head to Mindo part of the watershed of the western slopes of the Andes Mountains.  We left from Quito at almost 2:00 in the afternoon but with a call to Mindo’s Canopy Adventure Tour (number was found on Trip Advisor) we were able to convince them to stick around and wait for our arrival. The windy road to Mindo is no joking manner.  So if you suffer from motion sickness I highly recommend picking up some Meclazine at your local Walgreens before leaving the states. The road was windy and since we were in a hurry to make it by 3:30 we were racing.

When we made it to the town of Mindo I was impressed by the small town feel of this small Ecuadorian village. Our zip line canopy tour guide met us in town to have us follow him out to the site of the tour. I highly recommend this because it is quite a tricky drive. Use your google translator if you don’t speak Spanih and give them a description of your vehicle and they will wait for you on the main road to have you follow them out.


These two look handsome even with helmets! Trent and Colton, Mindo Ecuador June 2016


Always a party with Colton Mindo Ecuador, June 2016


Gotta love pics taken by the men in the group! Me in Mindo Ecuador, June 2016

When we arrived at the zip line we had four men waiting for us to get us strapped up and ready. I was a little concerned because it was very wet and lightly raining when we arrived. Another recommendation is make sure to bring a light windbreaker when visiting the jungle of any country. I didn’t take into account that it could be wet and only had my sweatshirt. However the trees make a great canopy and I hardly got wet.

Quickly we were suited up with our harnesses and the fun began. This park has seven zip lines. since there were only three of us in our party it took us a quick hour and fifteen minutes to get through all of the zips. Our two guides were great but didn’t speak any English. Since two of our party spoke Spanish it wasn’t an issue, but I know even with the language barrier it is still a fun experience. The zip lines were the longest I have been on out of the three other countries I’ve done this activity. Not only were they long but they were so high. On one line I estimate I was going around 60 mph as I flew over the valley below.


Body harnesses are never very flattering but at least we were safe! Trent, Colton and I in Mindo Ecuador, June 2016


The double cables made us all feel very safe. Colton in Mindo Ecuador June 2016


Hanging out at the top of the mountains with our guides. Trent and Colton in Mindo Ecuador, June 2016

Not only were the zip lines long and high but they were very safe. Being attached to two cables gave me a sense of safety I haven’t experienced on other zip tours. I highly recommend this activity. My son, husband, and I had a great time and at one point the guide went with my son attaching himself so he could go upside down. The entire experience was amazing, cheap (cost us $20 each) and one I will never forget!

Safe and Happy Travels!