Leopards Anyone? Yes Please! Africa Part 4

Leopards Anyone? Yes Please! Africa Part 4

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Destination: Central Serengeti, Tanzania

Date: May 2014

Activity: Game Drives


Goodbye to our “tent” at the Mglebeti Camp. Serengeti, Africa May 2014

Today was another great day in the bush. Sadly we had to say goodbye to our Tarzan accommodations at the Mglabeti Camp and we drove two hours away to the Serena Lodge located in Central Serengeti. However, instead of going straight to the lodge we spent most of the day on a game drive looking for animals.


Our second stay accommodations was the Serena Lodge. It was very nice but ranked as my 3rd favorite among the four we stayed at during our 10 days in the Serengeti. Africa May 2014

africa 5

Our food buffets were amazing with so many choices. Our little hut was a lot of fun to stay in. Reminded me of accommodations in The Hobbit. Serengeti, Africa May 2014


Today we saw even more animals. Lots that I have named before but today we added a jackal, butler eagle, goliat herron, lovebirds, go-away birds, dark chanting goshawk and dick dicks. All of these animals and fowl were new to me and I loved seeing each one in real life. Unlike the previous days we have been out here we found lion prides three different times today. Our guide, Elson, said we would find more lions in this region and he was right.

The coolest thing to happen today was when we were driving down a dirt road after having a picnic at a park in the middle of the Serengeti. Even while we ate lunch we saw an elephant walking by. It was unreal. I was especially grateful for the very clean bathroom that a Chuga tribesman kept clean for tourists at the park. It even had toilet paper which is a big plus here in Africa!

Anyway back to our cool event… we were driving down the road when someone in our vehicle noticed a large lioness walking nearby in a field. We quickly urged our driver to stop and we all jumped up out of the roof of our Landrover to get pictures of this majestic cat. Unlike other sightings she was in the open walking and it was just amazing to see her on the prowl. We had a bunch of zebra behind us so we thought for sure she was on a hunting party. However, instead of moving around us toward the zebra she came straight over to our vehicle to check us out. It was all we could do not to scream. I kept trying to get Trent to roll up his window since she was walking straight toward us but he was reluctant to make any sudden movements. Sure enough she just slid by the back of our vehicle and then turned around and walked right up along side of it finally walking away when she got to the front.


This was how we all looked during our game drive days! Always on the lookout. Serengeti, Africa May 2014

africa 3

More bird, giraffe and lion sightings. Serengeti, Africa May 2014


This lioness was not afraid of our convoy. Serengeti, Africa May 2014

Quickly our guide turned the car back on and we followed her to her pride hidden off in the bushes. When we caught up to her we parked about twenty feet away and watched as she and three other lionesses and three lions devoured a zebra they had already killed and dragged into the shade of a big bush. It was crazy to again witness a National Geographic moment in real life. We could see the entrails of the zebra and hear the crushing of its bones as the lions all fed on her at the same time.


Our first leopard sighting of the trip. These guys are very hard to spot. Serengeti, Africa May 2014

Besides seeing even more elephants, hippos, and a journey of about twelve giraffes cross the road right in front of our vehicle we also came across our first leopard! She was hanging high in an acacia tree sleeping the day away. Our driver went close by getting us within about thirty feet of her and she woke up only to casually look over and let us take a few pictures. It was our first leopard sighting of the trip and we loved seeing how beautiful a leopard really is in person.


Even more lions! What a bonding trip we had with our 18-year-old son Colton before he left for his two year mission to Ecuador! Serengeti, Africa May 2014

africa 4

My friend “S” and I enjoying our visit in the Landrovers during our game drive. The lone elephant we saw while eating lunch and a picture of the pool at our camp along with the massage tent! As you can see we were really roughing it. Serengeti, Africa May 2014


A bunch of giraffess we found on our drive. Serengeti, Africa May 2014

After a full day looking at animals we finally headed to our new resort. The Serona Lodge is a beautiful accommodation with hut type rooms. The facilities include a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and about 60 rooms. Right away Trent booked us massages so we could get a little r&r after so many long days in the Landrovers. Our massages took place in a M.A.S.H. type tent overlooking the Serengeti but my masseur, Newstar, did a great job at rubbing down my swollen pregnant feet.

It was a great way to end a perfect day! Tomorrows wake up call is 5:45 as we set off to look for the elusive cheetah! Wish us luck!

Safe and happy travels!