One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World; Grand Canyon South Rim

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World; Grand Canyon South Rim

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Date: August 2014
Destination: Grand Canyon, Williams Arizona
Activity: Site Seeing the Grand Canyon


Our view of the Grand Canyon Arizona, August 2014

On most peoples bucket list is a trip to the Grand Canyon. Though we had been on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride once before from Las Vegas that truly pales to actually driving there and standing next to some of the drop offs by the beautiful vistas of the South Rim.
Once we left Lake Powell we took off south towards Williams Arizona to find an RV park that would fit our 65 foot long rig and trailer. Once we were settled in for the night we began planning our day at the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, we would be there on a Sunday and I really hate to do sight seeing and travel activities on Sundays. Luckily however our RV park was just down the road from one of our church buildings so we got up Sunday morning and went over to attend church.

My kids are always a little nervous attending other church congregations but one thing that makes them feel at home is knowing it is the same format everywhere in the world. Knowing they can count on the same structure brings them a lot of peace when attending other congregations. This was just like normal. We could predict what came next even though we’d never attended this church building before.


The entrance to the South Rim Grand Canyon Arizona, August 2014

gand canyon2

The kids were loving the majestic views and all of the drop offs and places to climb. Grand Canyon, Arizona August 2014


Once church was over we changed our clothes and jumped into the Excursion to travel the 50 miles north to the Grand Canyon South Rim. I’m not going to lie this place was packed. It must have been packed because of our visit during the summer months! I couldn’t believe how many people were there. I’ve been to many national parks and have never encountered so many people. When we pulled up to the visitors center there was no parking in four parking lots! We finally just made up our own parking spot and prayed we didn’t get ticketed.

There are many roads that took us to different views of this amazing earth cavity. We took lots of fun pictures that made us look like we were on the very edge of the canyon and of course the kids tested our patience with trying to get as close to the ledge as they could. Of course we grabbed them as fast as we could back to safety.


The secrets and serenity of the Grand Canyon. Arizona, August 2014


She wasn’t nearly as close to the ledge as this picture makes it look. She was quite far but we took advantage of the perspective ratio with the camera. Grand Canyon, August 2014

grand canyon 4

Just me and my girls at one of the most beautiful places on earth. Grand Canyon, August 2014

The visitors center in the Grand Canyon was cool but I recommend visiting the National Geographic Center located just south, off of Route 64 to watch the IMAX movie before or after visiting the park. It was a cool movie and gives lots of history on the inhabitants and explorers of the Grand Canyon over the years. There wasn’t anything like this in the Visitors Center of the Grand Canyon.

grand canyon 3

The cowboy show in the towns square was a highlight for the kids. Williams Arizona, August 2014


Our last beautiful view of the Grand Canyon. So majestic! Arizona, August 2014


The best part for us was that there wasn’t a need to stay too long. Since we had baby Collins with us we didn’t want to do a day hike and after so many stops along the road the canyons views weren’t drastically different enough for our kids to keep us looking for more. More than anything we watched the IMAX movie, saw the views and took some pictures. After two hours in the park we were ready to head back to the Historic town of Williams that sits on Route 66 and grab some dinner at the Cruisin’ Cafe. The town gunfight show that plays out nightly during the summer was an awesome bonus for the kids.

This visit was truly an American Iconic visit. It lived up to my mental hype and I was glad we took the time to visit.

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