Family Fun in San Luis Obispo, CA

Family Fun in San Luis Obispo, CA

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Destination: San Luis Obispo, California
Date: August 2014
Activity: Beach time, Horseback-riding & Movies!


My favorite climbing tree as a child was enjoyed by my own kiddos! Love it! San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

I love visiting the area of San Luis Obispo, California. It was the second home of my childhood. My father was raised in the San Luis area and so my grandmother, aunt and uncle all still live in there. My biggest fear of visiting San Luis was pulling the RV onto my grandmothers ranch. With a tight turn we made it on the property and set ourselves up for the two days we allocated for our visit. Since my grandmother is ninety-one I value any time I get to spend visiting with her.

I really love the Collins Ranch! It has my grandmothers old ranch house, animals for the kids to pet and play with, and the largest climbing tree around. That tree alone holds so many memories of my life on the ranch. I think it has become even more tender to me since my fathers passing. Everything about that place reminds me of my dad.


Two of my darling girls posing with my Grandmother! San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

san luis2

My kids had a blast riding my cousins horse! San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

san luis1

My kids couldn’t tear themselves away from the horses and being “cowboys” for awhile. San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

My old stomping grounds not only include the ranch but Avila Beach as well. I love that beach and the memories I’ve created in the water, restaurants and gift shops. I’ve even fished off of the pier! I love Avila beach. When we took the kids over to test out the waves they were a little daunted by the temperature of the water but still loved it. They flew their kites, we ate shaved ice, and played a little beach paddle ball.

san luis3

The view of the pier at Avila and the kids on the beach having fun! What kid doesn’t love beach time? San Luis Obispo, California August 2014


The girls loved the enormous shaved ice and Bailey put on her mermaid lipstick by kissing the sand! Did I mention how much she loves the beach? San Luis Obispo, California Augsut 2014

I also enjoy visiting the Sunset Theater the local drive-in of San Luis Obispo. This was my kids first chance to enjoy a true drive up and they loved it! We pulled up paid for our double feature (which was much cheaper than going to the movies) and we got our car setup and ready for a great evening. The kids piled onto the hood of the car and snuggled up in their blankets and pillows. We did have to blare the radio so they could hear the movie from the outside of the vehicle so I guess that is the one set back to drive-ins.

san luis 8

The drive-in of San Luis Obispo, The Sunset! California August 2014


The only hard part was the frustration of waiting for it to get dark enough to start the movie. However, my kids loved sitting on the car to watch the movie. San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

sanluis 4

Back on the ranch… in the tree, and using the doggie door! San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

The last thing I can’t miss while visiting the area is stopping at the Avila Barn Farmers Market. It is a little farm to table store that offers delicious selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, jams, chutneys, baked goods, and even cute country crafts. I can’t help but stop by for their large black berries, fresh corn, and some of their jams and jellies. I would be their daily if I lived in the area. Instead I made it there both days while I was there.


Six of my kids with their great grandmother! San Luis Obispo, California August 2014


Benefits of visiting family is also visiting those we’ve loved and lost. Here’s my kids and grandmother visiting my grandfather grave. San Luis Obispo, California August 2014

Visiting Grandmas house is always a treat. From the time I was a small child to being an adult and taking my kids there will always be a piece of my heart in San Luis Obispo!

Safe and Happy, Memorable Travels!!!