Another Week at our Favorite Vacation Spot! Lake Powell, Page Arizona

Another Week at our Favorite Vacation Spot! Lake Powell, Page Arizona

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Destination: Lake Powell, Page Arizona
Date: August 2014
Activity: Hiking, Swimming, Jet-skiing, Wakeboarding, Boating and More!


Our RV circled back and we found ourselves back in Utah! Utah/Arizona border August 2014


Our home away from home on our friends the “O’s” boat! Page, Arizona August 2014

As I’ve mentioned before… going to Lake Powell and staying on a houseboat is my kids all time favorite vacation destination in the world. This year we were invited to go to Powell with our friends the “O’s”. The “O’s” have six children (five of them were there, one is on a mission). Though only two of our kids matched up age wise it didn’t seem to matter, my kids loved them all, old and young.


On the house boat and ready for a week of fun! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


Bailey celebrated her Sweet 16 at her favorite place on earth and Trent didn’t mind trying out our friend “W’s” new boat! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


On the boat for some wake board, surfing and tubing fun! Lake Powell Arizona August 2014


Best part of Powell are the countless hours to spend trying everything possible on the boat. Lexi started wake surfing this summer and Trent tried out an airchair! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


The views at Powell are overwhelming! Leah also had a blast fishing while Collins caught some Z’s. Lake Powell Arizona August 2014

Since I’ve already written a lot about Lake Powell in other posts I wasn’t sure what to write about in this years post. Like always we boated, wakeboarded, surfed, tubed and did every type of water activity imaginable. Unlike years past we also had a fun glowstick swim which has become one of my kids most favorite activities ever! My friend “T”, mother of the “O’s” provided hundreds of glowsticks for the kids to break and then wrap around their bodies making all sorts of designs. Then we got on the boat and floated out in the dark (wearing lifejackets of course) and swam with the glowsticks all over us! We blared the music on the boat and danced and sang, and swam like crazy people. It was so much fun! I really wish I could have taken better pictures to show the creativity of some of our group and how cool we looked in the water all lit up!


Our fun night of glowsticks on the boat! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


Wish this picture was better but the kids still enjoyed it even if I don’t have the best pictures to remember it all! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014

The other awesome activity that we did unlike other years was go on a very extensive hike! It wasn’t extensive as far as the hiking goes but it did test our wills. The hike is called the Cialis hike named after the commercial on TV since that is where they shot it. We had to boat over to a specific starting point that our friend “W” knew where to find. I’ve heard that people who want to do this hike can ask locally how to get to the start of the hike because it is fairly well known. Once we wedged our boat on the sand we had to take jet skis into some of the smaller crevices in the rock to get us to the start of the real hike. So in groups of three we shuttled ourselves in with the two jet skis we had at our disposal. Finally it was time to start the swimming. Since the jet skis couldn’t maneuver any further into the rock we formed a single file and began the swim. The further we went into the crevices the more debris began to form on the water. This is where the test of will came into play. We had to swim through the debris for several yards and the debris got deeper and deeper so by the time we were able to stand in the water it was as deep as my knees! The worst part was not having any area to really dunk ourselves and clean the debris off off our bodies! That meant our life jackets and bathing suits were full of the little branches and algae. It was disgusting and entertaining all at the same time!


On our way into the water hole in the middle of the crevices of the Lake Powell wall. It was amazing! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


Starting out on the Cialis hike at Lake Powell. Bella loved hiking on the rocks behind our house boat. Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


On the trail and beginning to get dirty! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


In the thick of the sledge and debris with our hosts the “O’s” Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


The fun we had on the boat and the views were amazing! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014

Finally we were able to walk and the more we walked the further we got from the water. There were a couple small mud puddles that we were able to lay down in and try and wash some of the debris off of our bodies. The hike started at this point and was rather easy. There were a few steep climbs but in the sand it wasn’t too taxing. It was also very shaded because as you can imagine we were deep into a red rock crevice of the walls of Lake Powell. These slot canyons were amazing and did open up to the sun every once in awhile. At the end of our canyon was a natural pool filled with recent rain water so it was very cold. Since it was mostly covered on top it was all shaded and about three and half feet deep.


Bailey found a mud puddle to try and clean off some of the debris stuck all over her! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014

The kids were excited to make it to the end of the hike. The only bad part was knowing the only way out was through the debris once again. By the time we finished the hike we all felt accomplished. It was good to know that five of my kids were able to start and finish this test of mental aptitude. (Of course we had left Baby Collins back on the house boat with a sitter and I was grateful we hadn’t tried to bring her along!)


For a first timer on the lake Collins loved all of the leisure time! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


The ramp to the top of the dock! Quite laborious to walk up so we take golf carts! Lake Powell, Arizona August 2014


Our week at Powell always has an emotional end for me. I feel terrible the last day because  I always feel like I’m one moment away from tears. It really is that much fun. From the never ending array of water activities, games played, dance parties, light stick swims, awesome food, and lots of conversations it makes me sad to say goodbye. It is always a week of true happiness for me and sharing it with my family makes me think it is as close to heaven as I can get in this earth life. I have said it once and I’ll say it again…. I love Lake Powell!!!

Safe and Happy Travels!