Being on Bethenny in NYC

Being on Bethenny in NYC

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Destination: New York City, New York at Christmas

Date: December 2013

Activity: Visit a Show Taping

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On the streets of NYC enjoying the winter weather
New York City, NY December 2013

Unlike other New York trips Trent planned for us to see two live tapings of nationally syndicated talk shows while we were there.  He found a website called that helps anyone sign up to be a guest audience member on most shows that tape in the city.  Knowing I was a big New York City Housewives follower he signed us up to be on the Bethenny Frankel’s show, Bethenny.  This show just started back in September and is new on television.  I actually had never heard of it but after filling out the necessary request online we were sent a reply from the Bethenny show asking us to answers few questions.

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Bethenny on the set of her talk show
New York City, NY December 2013

Not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into I still filled out the questionnaire and attached a picture like they had requested.  Within twenty-four hours I was called by a Bethenny page and told we were on the list for the show and actually they’d like for Trent and I to be audience contributors during a segment on emotional contracts.  I think since I had written that Trent and I were in NY to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary got us a VIP spot on the show.  The morning of the show we arrived at the CBS studio on the upper west side at 7:00am.  The taping would begin at 9:00 but audience members had to be there two hours in advance.  We were quickly located on the VIP list and given pink wrist bands and front row seats in the waiting area.


The set of the Bethenny Show
New York City, NY December 2013

Here we bided our time talking to other audience members and watching the Bethenny show on a monitor in the waiting area.  I was grateful for this because I had never actually seen the show and was interested to see her general format of segments.  At about 8:30 am we were led into the studio and given assigned seats for all of the guest audience contributors.  There were about ten of us in all.  Then they led in the rest of the audience and filled in the seats between us.


Another set shot at the Bethenny taping
New York City, NY December 2013

Our handler instructed that when Bethenny asked a certain question we were to raise our hands and give our opinion.  Trent kept telling me that he would not be saying a word since he was one of five men in the audience.  He told me it was all on my shoulders to contribute.  Like always I have the general idea that being on TV would be fun but I get extremely nervous when it comes down to it.


After twenty years we are still going strong and keeping our “emotional contract”!
New York City, NY December 2013

When the show started we flew through the first segment and soon it was time for the emotional contract segment.  When Bethenny asked if anyone in the audience had come to any agreements in their relationships to keep them healthy it was time for us to raise our hands.  However, we didn’t have to!  Bethenny quickly clicked and clacked her four inch heals up to our seats and said “as one of the only gentlemen in the room what do you think?”  I was off the hook and Trent was in the spotlight.  It couldn’t have worked out better!

Trent quickly got up and explained he has been married for twenty-years in which Bethenny gasped and asked me to stand too.  He also said we had six kids and one of the agreements we had in our relationship is that we would have a date night once a week.  (For those of you who know us personally you can attest to this!)  He explained we also don’t keep a running tally in our relationship like if he changes a diaper then its my turn to do it.  We serve each other because we love each tother.  He did absolutely perfect and I could see Bethenny thought he was pretty dreamy.  Of course then she asked for my two cents and with lots of crazy hand gestures and a few mixed up sentences I agreed.  It was over in about four minutes but it had been fun.

From there on out the producer of the show kept talking on her mic about us between segments to the audience.  She about keeled over when we said we were pregnant!  The entire experience was a little longer than I had anticipated at about four hours, but it was a lot of fun and very memorable.


Safe and Happy Travels!