Lake Oswego, Visiting Friends!

Lake Oswego, Visiting Friends!

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Destination: Lake Oswego, Orgeon
Date: July 2014
Activity: Visiting Friends


The best part about RV life is the flexibility it gives to traveling. Usually when we plan out a trip we find a location and go there for about a week. Sometimes we are lucky if a friend lives in the area, but since we were in an RV we had the chance to go off the beaten path and visit friends along the way. Just like in Washington we found some friends in Orgeon we were able to drop in on and say hello. This time it was to Lake Oswego to our friends the “W’s”.


We were shocked to have made it into the driveway of our friends house! Don’t ask how we got out of this predicament. Lake Oswego, Oregon July 2014

We didn’t arrive to the “W”s house until late on a Tuesday evening. It is a little daunting to arrive anywhere that we wanted to park the RV in the dark. Especially if we have never traveled the road there before. Getting to our friends house was probably the scariest drive on our trip up to that point. Though our friends lived in a big house with large drive ways we had to take a hard right turn into their driveway and with two pillar posts on each side. Plus there was a ditch on each side of the drive way so no room for any error. With our rig measuring out to e be 65’ in length we were very cautious about our turns.


The “W’s” house in Lake Oswego Orgeon, July 2014


Luckily we made it into their drive way with our tail out of the street and we settled ourselves in for two nights and one day of fun with the “W’s” and their six children. Our day in Lake OSewego was mostly spent swimming and relaxing pool side and enjoying the open courtyard of their home. We loved the perfect weather, no bugs, and a bakers kitchen where Bailey was able to make us all brownies to enjoy after lunch. The “W’s” have a great theater room that the kids enjoyed and a wall of candy that they can partake of during the movie. It was so fun for everyone!

lake oswego

This pool was amazing! Waterfalls, secret caves, slides and tiki torch lights. It felt like we had stepped into a Hawaiian resort! Lake Oswego, Oregon July 2014


These kids made new friends and of course Monopoly was pulled out yet again! Lake Oswego, Oregon July 2014


Never enough pool time during summer vacations Lake Oswego, Oregon July 2014

At one point we did go for a drive to see the beautiful Lake Oswego, enjoy their down town and grab a yogurt as we walked around the downtown area. It is a very quaint community and left me dreaming of a home in Oregon where I could enjoy four seasons instead of two!
Safe and Happy Travels!!