Farmers Market at the beach! Bodega Bay, CA

Farmers Market at the beach! Bodega Bay, CA

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Destination: Bodega Bay, California
Date: August 2014
Activity: Farmers Market


At the Bodega Bay Farmers Market Bodega Bay, California August 2014

While in California we decided to visit Bodega Bay RV park and enjoy the cool weather of the ocean. Again we found an RV park ahead of time and though it was very clean and nice we felt a little cramped in our huge rig. (Believe me we have learned a lot about RVing and one thing is for sure….don’t haul a massively large vehicle on the back of an already massively large RV!)


Our big rig with our Excursion parked at this RV park went well into the alleys of the park. Bodega Bay, California, August 2014

The beaches in Bodega Bay were cold even in August so we stayed close to our RV park and went for a Sunday stroll over to a local farmers market that happens every Saturday and Sunday during the summer months. Though the market was not large there were many quality items and we picked a few up for our future meals in the RV.


These girls loved having the opportunity to ride their bikes at the Farmers Market. Bodega Bay, California August 2014


Bailey actually loved stopping and looking at all of the goods at the market. Bodega Bay, California August 2014


Gotta say I loved having this girl with us on the trip! Bodega Bay, California August 2014

We found fresh hummus, and garlic chips all made by the “Hummus Guy” in the area, though we never saw a guy around the booth selling this product. We picked up some marinated olives, salted sourdough bread, and fresh salmon from other vendors as well. They did have a live band playing in the back ground that set for a quaint scene there in Bodega Bay. I’m not sure if the entire experience was worth the twenty five minute windy road off of our destination route but it made for a real test of Trent’s RV driving skills. We survived and enjoyed our short one night stop in Bodega Bay.


Back in the RV for a little bit of gaming that evening. Bodega Bay, California August 2014

Safe and Happy Travels!