CamAno, Camaaaano it’s still an island to me! Seattle Washington area

CamAno, Camaaaano it’s still an island to me! Seattle Washington area

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Date: July 2014

Destination: Camano Island Washington and Seattle Washington

Activity: Pike Place Visit

camano 6

Our friends the “P’s” were so generous to show us around Seattle. Seattle, Washington July 2014


With a desire to see all the Northwest has to offer we decided to take the RV up to Camano Island and visit a childhood friend of Trent’s, “J”, his wife “T” and kids. Driving onto Camano Island was gorgeous with the tall trees and water crossings. It is an amazing place to live. We were excited to be able to pull right up in front of “J&T’s” house and dance academy that they run there on the island. My little girls had a great time watching classes and enjoyed their long yard full of green grass to run around on. It was a great set up there!

camano 2

Our whole gang at dinner! So fun to see these friends after a 20 year hiatis! Bottom pics of the amazing Pike Place in Seattle. Camano Island, Washington July 2014


Our rig parked out front of “J&T’s home on Camano Island Camano Island, July 2014

While visiting we took everyone down to the port in Everett and ate dinner at Anthony’s Homeport Seafood. I had the Dungness Crab and enjoyed pulling apart every leg to get the tasty meat inside. Since “J&T” have two kids our five older kids we had with us were quickly becoming fast friends with “J&T’s” little ones. That has been one of the best unexpected bonuses of RV life and that is making new friends along the way with our family and friends. Another great bonus to me was having the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood in the Pacific Northwest. It was all delicious.  We also had a great opportunity to go to the beach at Port Susan Bay!  This was our first beach stop on our trip and the kids were dying to get in the water.  It was a little cold but they braved it and had a blast.

camano 1

At the beach at Port Susan Bay on Camano Island Camano Island, Washington July 2014


If we could all enjoy eating berries as much as Bella does! Seattle Washington, July 2014


The gum wall under Pike’s Place. Trent is so disgusting! Seattle Washington July 2014


Baby Collins making a wish on this lucky pig staute at Pikes Place Seattle Washington July 2014


Beautiful Bailey in downtown Seattle. Washington July 2014

Our second day in Northern Washington was spent visiting Seattle. We took two cars down and had a little bit of of rough time finding parking but with a little patience we finally did just outside of Pike Place. Pike Place is a large fish market with much more to offer than just fish. Of course they do the typical fish sell of call and toss in which they call out the type and size of fish sold and proceed to throw it around until it is finally wrapped in paper and given to the buyer. Its entertaining and fun to watch and I couldn’t help but wish they’d drop one.

camano 5

Could get enough of all the fun things that are sold at Pike Place. From the fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, jams and jellies it was all so much fun to take in! Seattle Washington, July 2014

camano 4

My kids had fun taking the sites in with their new friends the “P’s”!! Seattle Washington, July 2014

camano 3

At Pike Place there are lots of food, craft, and anything you can think of vendors. The kids loved walking around the busy market and finding knick-naks to add to their collections. Bailey was in love with one mans photography, while Bella loved the lavender scented items of another vendor. I couldn’t get over all of the fresh produce and with the new marijuana legalization I also observed others purchasing their baggies of pot along with their bags of cherries.

As we walked along we came to Elliott Bay we enjoyed a full procession being preformed by the navy out in the bay. Helicopters and huge fighterships with their navy personnel lined up on the ships deck. The park was full and again I watched more pot being sold right out in the open.

Along our walk we also came to the first Starbucks that ever opened in Seattle, watched a few street performers and again bought more fresh fruit. I was in heaven with all of the produce. We had a great short but sweet visit to Seattle and enjoyed the beautiful July weather!
Safe and Happy Travels!