Broadway in the Big Apple!

Broadway in the Big Apple!

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Destination: Christmas in New York City

Date: December 2013

Activity: Taking in a Broadway show


Another fun activity during the holidays is taking in a few shows.  It is one of the most fun actiities in all of NYC.  The talent is amazing and I usually enjoy every show we see!


Trent and I on the snowy streets of NYC
New York City, NY December 2013

This year we took in three shows.  The first was Cyndi Laupers drag queen musical called Kinky Boots.  Warning this is not a show for kids!  Though it was relatively clean there are drag queens in parts of the show dressed quite scantily.  Over all the show was enjoyable with lots of amazing talent.  It takes a struggling shoe company based in South Hampton, England and helps the owners son find a new niche market to keep the shoe facility in business.  The relationships between characters is clean and humorous and the end message of the show is loving and accepting people for who they are.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 5.02.21 PM

The second show we saw was the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular.  This was my third time to see the show.  It has changed once in the three times I’ve seen it, and I still love it!  It is amazing to see these women dance and kick in unison to amazing numbers in fantastic costumes.  Santa makes lots of appearances and there is even times where the audience has to wear 3-D glasses to enjoy the visual effects.  I recommend playing a little extra and getting good seats.  This show plays in the Radio City Music hall which is very large with three tiers of seating.  I can’t imagine trying to have a very good show experience from one of the upper decks.  This is a show where being closer gives a better experience.


The Radio City Music Hall is the home of the Rockettes
New York City, NY December 2013


The world famous Rockettes!
New York City, NY December 2013


Love all the costumes and sets of this amazing group of dancers
New York City, NY December 2013


The nativity scene with real animals and everything!
New York City, NY December 2013


Santa with his supporting cast in the Rockette show
New York City, NY December 2013

My favorite part of the Christmas Spectacular show is the end where a live nativity comes on stage.  It is so unexpected from such a commercialized show which makes the nativity so much more appreciated.  The first time I saw the live camels, donkeys, sheep and goats make their stage debut I was overwhelmed.  The costuming is the most regal I have ever seen in any live nativity and the true meaning of Christmas spirit brings tears to my eyes every time.  It is absolutely beautiful.  This show usually runs right after Thanksgiving to the last day of December.  No matter what time you are visiting during this holiday season this is the number one show I would recommend for the family.  Tickets for the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular can be purchased at the Rockette’s website.

photo 1

The Nederlander Theatre home of the show Newsies
New York City, NY December 2013

photo 2

Trent is excited to see the show!
New York City, NY December 2013

photo 4

One of the final show scenes!
New York City, NY December 2013

photo 5

Loved this talented cast!
New York City, NY December 2013

photo 3

One of the best shows on Broadway
New York City, NY December 2013

The last show we saw was Newsies.  This show is packed with amazing talent.  It is not exactly like the movie so its fun to compare the similarities and differences between the two.  The lead character, Jack Kelly, is even more enchanting that Christian Bale and the level of talent is mind blowing.  From the amazing acting, and singing, to the incredible ballet ,and gymnastic dance, moves makes this a very memorable experience.  It is a longer show that has a 7:30 start time unlike most Broadway musicals with their 8:00pm starts but it doesn’t feel long at all.

I can’t believe the amount of talent jammed in to this show.  The tapping, flips and twirls by these young men was electric.  Anyone of any age would enjoy a show like Newsies.


Loved all my time at Broadway and Times Square
New York City, NY December 2013

Safe and Happy Travels!