Anyone love Peanuts? We do!!! Santa Rosa CA!

Anyone love Peanuts? We do!!! Santa Rosa CA!

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Destination: Santa Rosa, California
Date: August 2014
Activity: Charles M. Schulz Museum


Clay couldn’t be more happy than to be hanging out with Linus at the Charles Schulz Peanuts Museum. Santa Rosa, California August 2014

A happy place for our son Clayton is the Charles M. Schulz museum. He loves anything around the comic strip Peanuts and he absolutely loves Charles M. Schulz. He has read the biography, many of the comic strip books, and has begged for a few years now to visit the museum. When we saw that it was along our road trip route this summer we had to make a special stop for Clay’s sake.


No kid loves Charles M. Schulz more than this kid! Santa Rosa, California August 2014

All of us were surprised when we saw what a large place the Charles M. Schulz museum really is! It is based in three large buildings. One being the museum, another the food court and ice-skating rink, and the third a large gift shop. Clay was beside himself with excitement that we were actually there. The hours and admission can be found the museums website.

santa rosa 1

Too many fun photo ops at this museum! Santa Rosa, California August 2014

santa rosa 3

Clays in his happy place being there among all of his Peanuts friends. Santa Rosa, California August 2014

Once we got our RV parked three blocks away we walked over to the museum. We started by visiting the museum itself which had lots of exhibits including the office of Charles aka “Sparky” himself. Clay almost treated this place like a holy temple with his admonitions to us to be quiet, and more respectful. I’m not sure I would recommend this place for anyone under the age of twelve. Though my little girls loved getting their pictures taken by the large statues of Charlie and friends, they would have been just as satisfied skipping the museum and visiting the gift ship or the ice-skating rink. The museum is definitely built to entertain the older fan base.

santa rosa2

The kids did love the school room set up in the museum with opportunities to draw their own comic strips. Santa Rosa California, August 2014

santa rosa 4

Clay was so excited to sit at Charles’ special table at the ice rink cafe. Santa Rosa California, August 2014

Nonetheless Clay really enjoyed the visit by taking in every piece of knowledge he could. One thing the museum did have was an art area where the kids can try to draw anyone of the Peanut characters or color some pictures of them. They did enjoy this part but it was Clay reading every placard at every exhibit.

After our visit to the museum we had to eat at the Warm Puppy Cafe where there stands a reserved table for the deceased Charles himself. Clay sneaked a picture sitting at his table but only after a lot of encouraging by me. Again he felt we were being disrespectful to his icon. Though we didn’t have time to skate in the ice rink we could watch the skaters from the cafe.


The twins love Linus! Santa Rosa, California August 2014


Collins fell in love with Snoopy right away! Santa Rosa, California August 2014


Leah giving Linus her best smack! Santa Rosa, California August 2014

The last stop was to the gift shop where Clay purchased a Charlie Brown shirt and walked around the many many souvenirs for sale. It was a fun visit to honor the man and his comics… Charles M. Schulz.

Safe and Happy Travels!