Wheat Farming anyone?? La Crosse, Washington

Wheat Farming anyone?? La Crosse, Washington

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Date: July 2014
Destination: LaCrosse, Washington
Activity: Visiting a Wheat Farm


Leah out on my Aunt and Uncles wheat farm in Washington. LaCrosse, Washington July 2014

My aunts family has always been wheat farmers in eastern Washington. I’ve heard about the countless acres they farm my entire life. They have been farming the same land for generations and it is an amazing sight to see in real life. The best part of the RV life is that we had the flexibility to stop by and visit my Aunt, Uncle, and the cousins for two nights.

Driving through eastern Washington was beautiful and the land was full of rolling hills of grain! 😉 The golden color of the wheat and the time of year let us know we had arrived just in time for harvest. My Uncle and cousins had started harvesting two weeks prior to our arrival and we were excited to watch them in action.


Farm life was full of adventure for these city kids! LaCrosse, Washington July 2014


Nothing beats a rope swing on a farm right? Also featured here is my Cousin Wes and I after over 20 years of not seeing eachother! Bottom left pic is of the kids with their 2nd cousins playing a game of Monopoly in my Aunts attic. LaCrosse, Washington July 2014

I was surprised at how windy the roads were to get to the farm and how remote they lived. It is a thirty minute drive to town and cell service on our AT&T plan was in and out as we lost touch with our social media outlets. That was fine with me because now everyone was tuned into each other instead of their devices.

My Aunt “L” was so accommodating to our small crew of eight and we settled our RV right next to the house but decided to stay inside to get out of our close accommodations and enjoy the water pressure of a shower that was bigger than 2’x2’. It also gave me a chance to do a lot of laundry very quickly instead of the small loads I could do in the RV. Mostly we were excited to see family we hadn’t seen in years and have the second cousins all get to know each other for the first time.


On my cousin “W”‘s boat on the Snake River. The kids had a blast tubing with new cousins they’d never met. My cousins house in the bottom pic used to be my aunts but the farm life keeps these homes in the family for generations. LaCrosse, Washington July 2014


Nothing beats a boat ride on a hot day. Baby Collins found the shade on the side of the river and Lexi and Leah couldn’t get over how much fun it was to hang out with cousin Page. LaCrosse, Washington July 2014

Our first day was spent waterskiing and wake boarding on the Snake River. Since we arrived on a day that the family wasn’t harvesting we had a chance to get to re establish relationships during a fun activity. The older kids hit the wake boards while the littles sat beach side playing on drifting logs and climbing the sandy hillsides.


On the Snake River having too much fun! LaCrosse, Washington July 2014


On the way to LaCrosse we stayed at an RV park by a river and had fun making a splash at the river. Washington, July 2014

The next day was harvest day in full. We each took turns riding in the huge combines and wheat trucks that ran the wheat hull back and forth to the silos. It was fun for each of us and a little therapeutic to mow over the wheat like a lawn mower does on grass, making line upon line over the hilly landscape. I also had a great time being in the combine with my first cousin “W” as he patiently answered every question I could ever have about wheat farming. It really made me appreciate the simple things in life a little bit more.


My Aunt “L” posing with Baby Collins and Bella. My cousin “L” with her huband “D” and I, and a picture of the rolling wheat fields just out front of my Aunts home. It was beautiful!! LaCrosse, Washington July 2014

After two days and two nights we headed out on a gravel road that filled our RV with immeasurable amount of dust but it was worth it. We had a great visit with family and attribute our ability to stop by to our newest form of travel…the RV.

Safe and Happy Travels!