Our Family is Wacky and our Sweaters are Tacky! Merry Christmas 2014

Our Family is Wacky and our Sweaters are Tacky! Merry Christmas 2014

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December 2014

Dear Friends and Family,
It’s me, Leah, and I’m back by popular demand. Yes, my Christmas letter I wrote two years ago was a huge success, so my mom gave me permission to write it again. Plus I really liked all the extra attention I got for writing it. So here I am to give you the “updates” on my family.


Our Family is Wacky and our Sweaters are Tacky!

Colton-18. Colton miraculously graduated high school and left the Quito Ecuador North Mission ten days later. Let’s just say it has taken this long to air out his room and get rid of the teenage boy smell. He also was accepted to his second choice college so he will attend Brigham Young University-Idaho when he gets back in two years. If you’re bored his email address is: ronald.kimball@myldsmail.net

family 3

The Kimballs—Embarrassing ourselves since the early 90’s

Bailey-16, is really tall. I think that’s why she hasn’t been asked on any dates yet. I barely ever get to see her because she swims three hours everyday for her high school team, and for club. She keeps begging my parents to move to California because she loves the beach so much, so I thought I’d mention that in my letter in case any of you people live in California and have a tall boy around her age she can date!

family 2

We wish y’all a very Merry Christmas!!

Clay-12, is in middle school. He played on his school football team, and is now on the basketball team. I don’t know if he is any good because I’ve never been to any of his games yet. He is the collector in our family and collects weird things like Muppets, Peanuts, and Back to the Future stuff. He also plays the violin and is really good at it. (I wrote that last part because my mom told me to!)


Beautiful Bailey, age 16

Lexi-10, just finished soccer season. She plays goalie because she is still so tall. (Almost as tall as Clay, but don’t tell him I told you that.) She also plays the piano and has a beautiful twin sister, me! Lexi still picks out my clothes and keeps our room picked up because I am kind of lazy and I have no fashion sense. I really like having her as my twin.


Lexi & Leah, age 10 Mom & Dad….old

Me! Yes its me Leah and I basically do all the same things as Lexi but I don’t play goalie, I am a forward. I also want to add I am totally “awesome”. I also like to use “air-quotes” a lot which makes my Mom laugh.

Bella-7 is not the baby anymore! I’m not so sure she likes that part of having a new baby sister. Bella played soccer this year too, and my Dad says she’s the best hustler in the family, but I’m not sure I believe that. One thing she is really good at is talking, which often means she gets her folder signed a lot at school. She doesn’t quite understand that is not a good thing!


Collins, 6 months

Collins-6 mos. My new baby sister Collins was born two days after Colton left on his mission so he doesn’t get to meet her for two years! All I can really tell you about her is that she is the cutest baby in the world. She also is so fun to play with, and my sisters and I like to try and dress her up in our American Girl doll clothes. That is until she starts to cry and then we just give her back to my Mom.


Bella, age 7

Dad…even older now than ever. My Dad’s favorite child right now is Collins. When he is home he is always holding her. He is begging my Mom to have another baby! Right now he has a new Youtube video of him getting shot at, and it has over 4 million hits so he thinks he’s pretty cool.


Clay, age 12

Mom, also really old. She did have a baby though so maybe she isn’t as old as I think she is. She is busy taking care of all of us kids. She recently discovered dehydrating so she makes us eat all kinds of weird things. She’s still the best artist I know, and I love her a lot. She writes two blogs, globetrottingtexans.com, about places we visit, and elderkimball.blogspot.com, about Colton’s mission. My mom has a hard job especially when we get lice or gross things like that. I won’t mention any names….


Elder Colton Kimball and his companion Elder Pena in Quito Ecuador, age 18


Well that’s our family update. If you made it through all nine of these summaries then I’m impressed. I probably would have stopped reading after I read the part about me!

Merry Christmas! My mom says I should share my testimony: I know that Jesus was born and I’m glad we get to celebrate Christmas because of Him. This was a miracle because He is the Son of God, and I know He loves me and all of you!m
Merry Christmas,
Leah Kimball