Coeur d’Lene Idaho; Try spelling that city right!

Coeur d’Lene Idaho; Try spelling that city right!

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Date: July 2014
Destination: Coeur d’Lene Idaho
Activity: RV life


Crossing into Idaho yet for a second time during our trip! Idaho, USA July 2014


This city is probably the prettiest area of Idaho and nothing like I had ever seen before! One thing we learned from our stay in Coeur d’lene is that when traveling by RV make weekend reservations well in advance. We learned this since we pulled up on a Friday and couldn’t find reservations at not only the nice RV parks but even the lame ones!


Our RV park in Couer d’lene Idaho! July 2014

We finally found ourselves at a small RV park which looked like a scene from RV the movie. It was actually quite quaint but it was one of the smallest pull-through’s of our trip up to that point. Once we settled in and I made dinner while the kids hit up the RV pool and arcade we were all happy. We were just a tad bit disappointed that we hadn’t had a chance to stay at one of the lake side parks. It would have been a great way to see Coeur d’Lene.


One of my favorite pics of the trip! Four of my kids playing rock, paper, scissors. Couer d’lene Idaho, July 2014


Looks like the typical RV park right?! Couer d’lene Idaho, July 2014


Dinner of enchiladas right there at the RV park! Couer d’lene Idaho, July 2014


Brother/Sister bonding time over dinner! Couer d’lene Idaho, July 2014

In the end even though the stay was a little sketchy we enjoyed ourselves. We had a great dinner outside under the pine trees, ate smores, and played corn hole with the kids. We laughed and made memories and realized the error of our ways with reservations. It was just another typical day of the RV life.

Safe and Happy Travels!