RV Wakeboard Park in Idaho!

RV Wakeboard Park in Idaho!

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Date: July 2014
Destination: Rexburg, Idaho

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These silly girls posing on the side of the highway on our way into Idaho Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

One stop on our Summer 2014 RV trip was to Rexburg Idaho. We were on our way up to Glacier National Park but wanted to do a little college visit for our daughter Bailey to Brigham Young University Idaho. We also had some good friends the “J’s” we wanted to visit and so it was a great excuse to do both.

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Visiting our friends the “J”s in Rexburg Idaho, July 2014

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The three little girls were excited to hook up with their friend “L” for the day we were in town. Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

Our friends the “J’s” recommended an RV park in the area called Wakeside Lake RV park.  Unlike most parks this one was located right on a man made cable lake. My kids were so excited once we got done unpacking and setting our RV up at the park. We made our dinner, and quickly jumped into bathing suits to enjoy the evening on the cable.


Leah loves having a wakeboard cable lake right by our rv park Rexburg Idaho, July 2014


Bailey enjoy at ride on the lake right at dusk Rexburg, Idaho July 2014


Clay contemplating his ride on the lake Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

Lucky for us the weather was perfect since we had just finished a summer rain storm and we were the only ones on the lake that evening. The RV park rented out equipment and set the kids up with life jackets and they were excited to test out their dormant wake boarding skills that hadn’t been tested for awhile.

The RV park proved itself to be clean and offered free wifi, showers, laundry services and nice neighbors. We enjoyed our one night staying in Rexburg!


Lexi and Leah loved hanging out at the lake. Rexburg Idaho, July 2014


Clay playing a point of view trick Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

photo 4

Visiting BYU-Idaho campus with Bailey Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

The next day we were scheduled for a tour of BYU-I and learned so much about the services and opportunities offered at this university. We all loved the clean well-kept campus and were amazed to see how things had been cleaned up and pristine after the campus had suffered a down pouring flood a week prior. The evidence of much damage was hard to find because the campus looked immaculate.


Clay got a picture of himself with President Kimball as we waited to visit with the Vice President of BYU-I President Eyring. Rexburg, Idaho July 2014

We got our free t-shirt, went on an hour tour of the campus, bought a few momentos at the bookstore and headed off to lunch at the Hickory diner with our friends the “J’s”. There they offered fresh cut Idaho potato fries, juicy burgers, and fry sauce—an amenity that has become a must with my kids. We loved the beauty of rolling hay fields nearby and the small town atmosphere in this college town. I think we gained a new found respect for this campus and it has become a possibility in the mind of our fifteen-year-old daughter Bailey.

Safe and happy travels!!