This Is the Place Heritage Park, Salt Lake City Utah

This Is the Place Heritage Park, Salt Lake City Utah

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Date: July 2014
Destination: Salt Lake City Utah
Activity: This is the Place Park


Leah and her cousin “S” enjoy themselves riding a pony at the park Salt Lake City UT, July 2014

I feel like I never write about Salt Lake City because I’ve been visiting there for so long there isn’t much I haven’t done… but the “This is the Place” Heritage Park was one activity I had never done before. Sooo one hot day in July we made the drive up to the shelf of land that overlooks Salt Lake City. Up there they have recreated a small pioneer village replicating what used to sit down in the valley just one hundred years ago.


Bella loves riding ponies too! Salt Lake City, UT July 2014


At the park there are many real buildings that have been relocated onto this mountain shelf and preserved for future generations. There are barns, petting zoos, a pony ride, blacksmiths shop, schoolhouse, general store, candy store, cultural arts center, and old pioneer homes and cabins all on display. We were fortunate to be there during a Native Indian dance reenactment in the cultural gathering center.

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Three of my girls and I posing by the statues of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith Salt Lake City UT, July 2014

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Taking the train around the park was one of my girls favorite activities Salt Lake City, UT July 2014

We had not only my girls but my nieces “L”, “S” and “S” along with my sister “C” and my mother. We also had three strollers along with us which made us a very non mobile crew but perfect for visiting the pioneer village. During the Indian dancing my kids were mesmerized by the elaborate costumes and beating of the drums. My little niece “L” was all smiles and laughter watching the dancing and all of her cousins enjoy the performance.


The kids loved the Native American show preformed at the park. With the dancing, music and bright colors it kept all the kids attention. Salt Lake City, UT July 2014


My niece “L” was mostly entertained by watching her cousins smiling and laughing at the performers Salt Lake City UT July 2014

I would recommend visiting this park for anyone that would like to visit any of the Church History sites like the ones in Palmyra or Nauvoo. It is very similar to the city of Nauvoo and easier to get to if you live in the west.  Of course Nauvoo is bigger but This is the Place park is a great sampling and may be able to satisfy your craving for church history.

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Who doesn’t like visiting a place that offers a candy store and ice cream parlor? My three littles loved it all! Salt Lake City, UT July 2014


All in all it was a fun day for my crowd! Salt Lake City UT, July 2014

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