Relaxing in Kauai; Part 3

Relaxing in Kauai; Part 3

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Destination: The Hyatt, Kauai Hawaii

Date: November 2013

Activity: Massage and Spa time

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With Dad having to meet us in Kauai, I had the privilege of flying over with all the kids by myself
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

Going on vacation can be stressful.  I know that sounds silly but by the time I’ve spent over a week packing six kids, load them up for a 6am flight at 4am, flown eight hours, rented a rental car, bought groceries, and unpacked the luggage I’m usually pretty spent.  Upon our arrival this trip I just pointed to the beach and put my oldest in charge as I tried to find a little time to whittle out a nap in the middle of the day.  This trip I also had flown out to Kauai without my husband Trent so the pressure of travel was all on my shoulders and as anyone knows flying with children (especially multiple children) there is a lot of time spent negotiating toys, candy, seats, blankets, you name it!


Love traveling with kids and see what they get themselves into
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013


Funny how a small nap can rejuvenate these kids like a Duracell Rabbit.
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

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Nothing like spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii
Kaua’i, Hawaii November 2013


When Trent arrived I was ready for a break.  My favorite spa in Kauai has been the  Grand Hyatt located just about a mile away from our Marriott Resort.  Soon Trent booked an 80 minute massage and I was ready for my escape into island bliss.

Arriving at the Hyatt is very familiar since it is the same resort that Adam Sandlers movie “Just Go With It” was filmed a few years ago.  They offer a free valet service even for day guests and so right away I felt the pampering begin.  I was quickly directed to the Anara spa and though my massage wasn’t scheduled until 2:00pm I arrived t 12:30 to get a jump start using the spas facilities.

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One of my favorite places on earth!
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

The Anara spa hosts a dry sauna, steam sauna, every imaginable shower, a women’s locker room with a hot tub in the center and lots of amenities for anything a patron could desire.  I quickly changed into my robe, found a quiet spot in the corner and enjoyed the ocean breezes of this outdoor facility.  Of course since it is Hawaii the temperature is perfect and listening to the water features in the spa made the experience all the more enjoyable.

anara spa

Getting my zen back with a day at the spa
Kaua’i Hawaii November 2013

After a delightful 80 minute massage with Kristi from New Mexico I was completely relaxed and ready to take on the beach and kids!  When I arrived back to my home resort however Trent had planned a nice evening out to the Beach House restaurant my favorite local dining establishment.  I love this place primarily due to the location.  Right on the water, guests can sit right at the waters edge enjoying the sunset and the crashing of the waves on shore.  With the added tiki torches lit it also makes for  a romantic evening with my honey.  I love this restaurant!  The food is also great and the service is perfect, but it is the location that wins over any girls heart. It was a great way to kick off our week long stay in Kauai!

beach house

Love the Beach House Restaurant, but make reservations early in your stay to get a waterside table to watch the sun go down!
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

photo 3

Lucky for us Dad was able to make the return trip with us!
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

Maholo and Safe and Happy Travels!!