My favorite Brazillian Desitnation, Itzacarezinho Beach!! Cruise Part 3

My favorite Brazillian Desitnation, Itzacarezinho Beach!! Cruise Part 3

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Destination: Itzacarezinho Beach, Brazil

Date: February 2014

Activity: Beach Day


Probably my most favorite beach in the world!
Itacarezinho, Brazil February 2014

A few days into our Brazillian cruise we decided to ignore any of the tourist traps at the Ilheus port and find ourselves a beach.  We had a little bit of a disappointing day the day before in the town of Salvador and didn’t want to regret another wasted day.  This time we were prepared with a specific beach in mind and we were ready to find a taxi driver.


Don’t let those storm clouds fool you. It cleared up in ten minutes and made for the best beach day ever!
Itzacaraezinho, Brazil February 2014


Trent and I posing on the beautiful landscape of the beach
Itzacarezinho, Brazil February 2014

When we disembarked in Ilheus we were right there where the taxi drivers were ready to help us create our own adventure.  We had one other couple from our cruise that was willing to tag along with us and so the “P”s, Trent and I were a party of four looking for an able taxi driver.  With luck we found a great Braziian guy who negotiated a fair price of about $70 per couple to take us to a beach 45 miles up the coast called Itzacarezinho.  I was worried at how long this drive would take along a coastal highway but before I knew it we were zipping along at about 125 km/per hour.


Trent debated on taking surf lessons but decided a lazy day on the beach was what we all needed!
Itacarezinho, Brazil February 2014


This beautiful beach had everything you could ever want!
Itacarezinho, Beach February 2014

I couldn’t have been any happier with our beach locale.  It had all the requirements I need for a perfect beach experience.  It was 1)clean 2) great sand (not too sticky or too big or too small and sugary) 3) not very populated 4) great waves 5) chairs and umbrellas ready for rent 6) gorgeous views 7) restrooms nearby and for me as a recently pregnant traveler 8) a great restaurant right there on the beach!  It was nearly perfect.  My only grumble which would have been completely indulgent of me would be the water could have been a prettier color but what can I expect long the coast of Brazil?  It wasn’t the Caribbean!


We were practically the only people enjoying this peaceful location!
Itacarezinho, Brazil February 2014

I was completely satisfied and ended up having a glorious day at the beach!  We swam, we relaxed, had great company, and ate delicious Brazilian appetizers right there at the restaurante Itacarezinho.  It was a ten star experience.  I was so happy we ignored the cruise boat tours and created our own.


The food at this restaurant was amazing! Every tapas dish we ordered was superb and much higher quality than any beach food I’ve ever!
Here we are with our friends the “P”s enjoying a delicious meal!
Itacarezinho, Brazil February 2014


Our fun taxi driver was only too sweet when I asked for a picture. He quickly jumped out of the car to pose with Trent and “S”
Itacarezinho, Brazil February 2014

Our cute little taxi driver had asked if we could stop by his house in Ilheus by the cruise port so he could grab his bathing suit since he knew he was going to have a long day waiting for us at the beach.  It was heart breaking to see his humble home in a field of dirt just behind the main buildings of the city.  He seemed to be happy after his day at the beach and when it was time to go he quickly had the car ready and we were on our way back to the port.


The Homemade Chocolate Factory of Ilheus was a fun stop after a day at the beach
Ilheus, Brazil February 2014


Posing with the huge chocolate bar statue outside of the factory seemed to be the thing to do!
Ilheus, Brazil February 2014

On the way back we made one more stop at the Homemade Chocolate Factory for a little treat to take with us.  We were offered cold, liquid chocolate for about $1.25 a glass and it was exactly how they described… cold, liquid, chocolate.  We quickly grabbed our confections and were off again.  After a seven hour stay on land we completed our day with a great dinner on board the ship with lots of friends to share our adventure with.  It was a top ten days of my life right there in Brazil!


Safe and Happy Travels!!