Live taping of the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC

Live taping of the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC

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Destination: New York City, Christmas Time

Date: December 2013

Activity: Visit a Live Show Taping


Waiting in the cold to get our tickets to see David Letterman live
New York City, NY December 2013

My very favorite activity we did in New York was to also go onto the Late Show with David Letterman as VIP guests.  Yes we were chosen again!  This time after filling out the interest papers online we were called by a page and asked to answer a trivia question to get tickets.  When the page asked Trent “What does David throw every night?” Trent was stumped.  He really didn’t know because we are hardly up late enough to watch his program.  When he repeated the question all I could think of was pencils and sure enough we were correct!  That qualified us to get onto “Karen’s Gold list” and we were told to meet in front of Davids studio, the Ed Sullivan Theatre, at two 0‘clock in the afternoon.

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We got the golden ticket!
New York City, NY December 2013

It was an icy cold day and waiting in line to pick up our tickets was not something I was too excited about.  Since we had already done the Bethenny show that same day and had to get up earlier than usual I was very tired and tempted to skip the David Letterman experience.  I am so glad I didn’t!  When we finally got inside to pick up our tickets we were told we were going to be audience leaders.  We still were unsure how this happened.  It wasn’t like we had filled out any questionnaires online like we had for the Bethenny show, and we were only there for an hour in line outside without anyone checking to see if we had bubbly personalities.  Our only guess is that maybe they google audience members before they arrive?  There were again only about 20 of us selected and told to come back at 3:30 to get in line to enter the theater.


David Letterman

At 3:30 on the dot we were back inline with the other twenty audience leaders all of us wondering how we had been chosen out of the three hundred other audience members.  Finally we were led into the very cold and drafty Ed Sullivan theater and given second row seats.  All audience leaders were seated together in the front to keep the other audience members clapping and shouting for David to create the buzz he needed to deliver the jokes.  We were told to ask David a question about anything when he came out to meet us.  Trent decided to ask him if he had any advice for a family of eight that was expecting in July.  At exactly 4:30 David came out and came right up to our rows to say hello and see if anyone had any questions.  Quickly hands popped up around us but David looked straight at Trent and said “Whats your name?” Trent said he was Trent from San Antonio, Texas.  David then asked what Trent did for a living down in San Antonio Texas.  Trent then reported that we build bullet-proof cars.  Instantly David’s interest piqued and he quickly asked who buys these cars, how they are produced, if we owned the business, how long had it been open, what happens when someone just blows out the tires, and more.  We were the ones supposed to be asking the questions and it was David Letterman interviewing Trent right there.


My secret picture of the set. Cameras were forbidden in this venue
New York City, NY December 2013

 Finally David said “So what is your question for me?” Trent began by saying we have six kids and one more on the way and before he could ask for any advice, David went right into the fact that he had a son and he couldn’t imagine having that many children and maybe it was Trent not the cars that needed to be bullet-proofed.  It was all humorous and a little awkward at the same time.  We couldn’t stop laughing, then finally Trent asked for his advice and David said he should have come to him for advice a few kids back.  Again more laughter from the audience and then David turned to me and said I’m guessing you’re the wife, please say you are the wife.  Again more laughter as he insinuated I could be a girlfriend and before I could answer the prompter interrupted to say he’d gone way over his three minutes allotted for talking to audience members.  Trent had been interviewed by David Letterman for more like ten minutes and David kept rolling out the improvised jokes.  It gave me a lot more respect for his talent!


So much fun in the city with Trent
New York City, NY December 2013

The show started off with the welcoming of Paul Schaffer and the CBS band and then David Letterman.  He quickly ran out from behind stage and started the show with “Have you ever met anyone from Texas?” Little did I know the camera was focused on Trent’s and my reactions and we were laughing hysterically in the audience.  It was a show to remember for sure.

 The show continued with Paul Rudd, and Barbara Walters and lots more funny skits and a live band performance but nothing could have prepared us for those first ten unrecorded minutes on the show.  It was a blast.  Again I have no idea how we were selected for this fun experience but it is one I will never forget!  I’m so glad I did not skip the David Letterman show!!


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