Private Island Beach Days! French Polynesia Part 9
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Private Island Beach Days! French Polynesia Part 9

Private Island Beach Days! French Polynesia Part 9

Destination: Private Beach In Bora Bora French Polynesia

Date: July 2013


Nothing like a private beach to feel the romance.  Too bad we had five kids along with us, but then again who would we have had to take our picture?
Bora Bora, French Polynesia July 2013



Burying each other in the sand is always their first priority.
Here Bailey, Leah and Lexi are hard at work.
Bora Bora, French Polynesia, July 2013

If you are ever looking for a private beach in Bora Bora I can assure you it is no easy task.  We were kicked off of two before we finally figured it out.  Even though the guide books here say all the beaches are public, up to the high tide water mark,  many have security guards pacing the beaches ready to give you the boot once you come ashore.  We encountered that upon entering the beach onto a small motu island owned by Hilton.  However, the guard was nice enough to tell us we could come back after three o’clock and we could have the island to ourselves so in the mean time we went to another beach.


Back on the dinghy looking for a beach to play on!
Bora Bora French Polynesia, July 2013

When we found the other beach it was in the middle of a deserted resort that looked like it had been hit by a hurricane and after about forty-five minutes there, another security guard found us and told us we had to leave since the property was destroyed and he didn’t want us to get hurt.  So after getting thrown off of two beaches we felt pretty dejected.  However we were excited to go back to the Hilton property after three o’clock later that day.


Bailey loved hanging out on Hiltons private beach
Bora Bora, French Polynesia July 2013


Trent and the twins Leah and Lexi enjoying a walk around the circumference of the motu
Bora Bora, French Polynesia July 2013

 The Hilton motu was a beautiful private island and we set ourselves up for some great snorkeling and laying out.  We walked around the entire little island in about thirty minutes and enjoyed our time on this little paradise.  We made sand castles, buried the kids in the sand, laid out and even had hermit crab races in the sand.  It was a beautiful afternoon on  the beach.


Our hermit crab races got pretty exciting as we cheered our little guys to victory. First crab out of the outer circle was declared the winner!
Bora Bora, French Polynesia July 2013

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.40.19 AM 2

Map of where our little private island of paradise!
Motu Tapu, French Polynesia July 2013

 So if youre ever in Bora Bora just head over to the Hilton private island of Motu Tapu after three o’clock by boat or dinghy and you can have your own tropical paradise!

Safe and Happy Travels!







Destination:  Scuba Diving Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Date: July 2013


Diving in French Polynesia is unlike diving in other parts of the world it is unbelievable!  The dives here are filled with lots of color and lots of fish and sharks. We decided to do our dives through Top Dive.  We purchased a ten dive pack for two people.  It cost us ______ and we could each do five dives each or split it up four and six, three and nine, two and eight, basically any way we’d like.  Since our two oldest kids had just certified with their scuba certificates we were excited to get diving with them as well.


Our first dive was to ______ a reef out by the airport side of Bora Bora.  The weather was cooler and our group was limited to the five of us.  We saw all kinds of fish in our dive and a few moray eels.  Our second dive of the day was a little bit out of a movie.  It was out at _____ and it was a shark dive.  We saw a lot of lemon sharks but three were pretty big in size at almost seven feet.


When we came upon the huge lemon sharks they were right under three snorkel boats.  There were about ten snorkelers in the water trying to take pictures of the sharks that were under them.  They kept diving down trying to get shots of the sharks with their cameras.  Our scuba party was down at the ocean floor watching from the bottom and when we came upon the scene it looked like something from Jaws.  I didn’t know what I would do if I saw one of the huge lemon sharks take a bite out of the snorkelers legs as they dove down nearly on top of the lemon sharks.  I kept imagining the Jaws theme music in my mind.  It was a little eerie.  In the end everyone was safe and we took a few pictures our selves and then swam away.  It was a great dive.


Another awesome activity our kids had a chance to do was go on a dive themselves.  When we were done with our adult dive, we came back and had lunch and loaded up our younger kids for them to go on a junior dive.  Top Dive offers a dive for kids from eight to twelve to go diving with master divers under total supervision to give them a taste for diving.  Lexi, Leah, and Clay were excited for this $90 per child opportunity.  It wasn’t cheap!  But we figured it was a once in a lifetime chance so we let them do it.


In the end they loved it!  They had a chance to get certificates and everything.  They couldn’t stop exclaiming how much they loved the whole experience.  They couldn’t walk with the weight of the tanks but once in the water they were all hooked up and loved the freedom the tanks gave them under the water.  They saw all kinds of fish, eels and rays.  They thought the entire experience was one they will look forward to repeating when they turn twelve and are old enough to get their certifications for their PADI cards.  They can hardly wait!  I’m excited that it makes them feel so independent and believe in themselves!


Safe and Happy Travels!