Kayaking in Paradise; Kaua’i Part 2
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Kayaking in Paradise; Kaua’i Part 2

Kayaking in Paradise; Kaua’i Part 2


Destination: Kauai, Hawaii

Date: November 2013

Activity: Kayaking and Hiking to a Waterfall


Our Kaua’i group!
Kaua’i, Hawaii November 2013

Obviously spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii is a great way to be reminded of the gifts our Father in Heaven has given us.  The entire time I spend on an island like this I can’t help but stop to say small prayers of Thanksgiving for the beauty that surrounds me.  This island truly feels like paradise!

Another adventure we decided to try while on the island was to take the kids kayaking and hiking to a waterfall.  We chose Kayak Wailua due to the excellent reviews it had on Trip Advisor and the cost of the excursion.  Due to the fact they they don’t serve lunch or provide drinks their cost is much lower than the other kayaking companies.  We were however, welcome to pack a lunch and bring in our own drinks and Kayak Wailua provided dry bags and coolers for us to pack in all of our own stuff.  This really helped with the expense for a family our size.  Plus it guaranteed we’d all enjoy the lunch since we could pack it to our own desires.

photo 1

Lexi at the dock getting ready for a day of adventure
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

Our adventure was scheduled to begin at 12:30pm which meant we had to leave Poipu at around 11:40am to make it over to Kapa’a in time.  The twenty mile drive takes much longer on the small circle island highway with speed limits between 25 and 40 mph.  When we finally made it over to Kapa’a we were right on time and readied our selves for our day trip into the interior of the island.

Our kayaks were loaded and our group of eight entered a large van with another family of four visiting from Colorado.  Our happy group of twelve along with our guide “T” all headed to the marina to launch our kayaks.  From the marina we jumped into our kayaks and headed up the Wailua River for about two and half miles.  My kayak partner Leah refused to paddle unless I was paddling as well and it was sometimes exhausting paddling on the flat water of the river.


Kayaking buddies having fun with all the splashing and racing
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

The kids loved it however, especially when we had water fights, sang camp songs, and tried pushing each other out of our water craft into the listless water of the Wailua River.   By the time we finally made it to our destination it was time to pull our kayaks to shore and start the mile walk into Wailua Waterfall.

“The 20-mile long river, that once wove through the settings of seven different heiau (temples), flows from the 5,148-foot Mount Waialeale in the center of the island. The Wailua River features two popular and accessible waterfalls: Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls. The scenic river itself can be explored by kayak or outrigger canoe, and a boat tour is also available.” As mentioned on the website of Kayak Wailua.


Our guide “T” was the best friend for Bella. As you can see the trail was muddy but the kids loved it!
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013


Our guide explained to Lexi that the leaves on the trees were the same shape as the island of Kaua’i.
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013


Part of the river that was fed from the waterfall on the trail. The kids took a minute to cool off on our hike
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013


Bailey posing before she jumps in to get wet
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

Our guide was great.  A native of Kauai, “T” knew about all the plants and animals that call the interior of Kauai home.  She stopped many times to have my kids suck on honeysuckle, try edible flowers, and describe a walking tree.  The trail was muddy but that only added to the fun my kids had along the way.  Though we tried to stay clean before we knew it we were all slipping and sliding through the rough terrain on the way to the falls.

“T’ was a patient guide and I appreciated the fun she brought to the excursion.  Bella fell in love with her quite quickly and even shed her shoes like “T” because “T” never wore shoes being an island girl through and through.


A family pic on the trail along with Bailey’s special friend “K”
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013



The beautiful Wailua Waterfall. It was a little bit of a hike but well worth it. Though the water was freezing!
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013

The waterfall was amazing.  The water was very cold and after hiking a mile in the shade I wasn’t ready to shed my top layer of clothes and jump in but that didn’t stop my kids.  Bailey and “K” were quick to swim over to get behind the water fall and try and get me to take the perfect pic of their fun.  All of the kids shivered in the cool water and we stopped on the rocks to enjoy a little more of the food we had packed for our journey.

After about a twenty minute stop we were ready to get going.  The trip back was a little harder since it felt like the wind had changed and we were now kayaking against the breeze or maybe we were just tired from our previous trip.  Either way it took us a little longer to get back, but again it didn’t phase our group as we sang and laughed our way back to the marina.


Dad poses with the twins at the waterfall
Kaua’i, Hawaii November 2013


Bailey sporting her beach babe look at the falls
Kaua’i Hawaii, November 2013


The kids enjoying the cold water of the falls
Kaua’i, Hawaii November 2013

After a fun excursion we had all worked up quite the appetite and “T” told us about a great place to get dinner at affordable prices called Olympic Cafe in downtown Kapa’a.  It was great!  The portions were huge and easily shared between our kids.  We got there early so we were lucky to get a table because as the evening wore on it soon became a popular and packed venue. Lexi literally ordered a “cheeseburger in paradise”.  It was all delicious!  As we drove back to Poipu that night Trent thanked us all for such a fun day.  We were grateful to him for providing the fun for us!  Again our gratitude grows during this special time of year in this special place on earth!

Safe and Happy Travels!! Aloha!!