The Christ Redeemer; Rio de Janeiro Brazil
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The Christ Redeemer; Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Christ Redeemer; Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date: February 2014

Activity: Sight-seeing the city


The Christ Redeemer of Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

 Our first big trip of 2014 was down south….very south, South America that is. It marks the first time I’d ever been in the southern hemisphere!  To say the least I was very excited.  After an 8 hour flight from Atlanta down to Rio we were exhausted.  With a four hour time difference it made us a little jet lagged.


Just arrived with friends the “O’s” and settled into our resort hotel the Copacabana Palace seen in the back ground of the top right picture.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

Our first stop was to the Orient Express Hotel, The Copacabana Palace located just off the Copacabana Beach.  It is a beautiful place to stay while in Rio.  The rooms are elegant, the service is prompt, and efficient, and the amenities are luxurious to say the least.  We enjoyed the two days we stayed at this five star hotel.


Our great tour guide Ricardo showing us the sights of one of the largest favelas (poor neighborhoods) of Rio
Rio de Janeiro Brazil, February 2014


Rocinha, the largest favela of Rio
Rio de Janiero, Brazil February 2014

Right away we spoke to our hotel concierge and were set up with an excellent tour guide Ricardo Maffia, 55-54391-46 or email him at  (A name thats hard to forget!)  He was excellent and knowledgeable and took us on a day of sight seeing that I will never forget.


Long lines to get in the vans that drove us up to the top of the mountain where the Christus resides.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


The lagoon of Rio seen from the Christus
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


Amazing views seen with good friends is something I will never forget!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


The Christus seen from another angle. It is so majestic!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

Our first stop was about a thirty minute drive up winding streets to the Cristo Redentor, Statue of Christ the Redeemer.  This magnificent statue was built between 1922-1931 and has been an iconic figure of Brazil for many years.  It is now on the Seven Man-made Wonders of the World list.  It takes buying tickets at the bottom of the mountain at a cost of approximately $15 each.  Then its a long ticket line to get into the vans that will take you up near the statue.  From there escalators are provided to get visitors the rest of the way up the mountain.  It is quite accessible for most people and well worth the visit!  It is crowded and hot during the summer months but fortunately there are shops everywhere selling refreshments.


A different angle of the Christus
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


Trent and I …and everyone else in Rio trying to get our picture in front of the Christus
Rio de Janeiro Brazil, February 2014


The top of the Christus has the most amazing views of Rio and the beautiful waterways around the city.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

From the Christus we headed over to Pao de Acucar, The Sugar Loaf Mountain.  This boasts one of the oldest cable car lines that can take visitors right up to the top.  The cost for visiting the top of Sugar Loaf was about $28 per person but it holds the most amazing views in all of Rio.  From the bays, ocean, lagoons, beaches, islands, and city the views are amazing!  Again there are places to buy refreshments at the top so lugging water around is not necessary.  Also I highly recommend trying the cheese bread at the Sugar Loaf snack bar at the top.  It was delicious and a welcome treat during our day of running, running, running!

sugar loaf

Our ride up to Sugar Loaf on the cable cars for more outstanding views of Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


Our friends the “O’s” pose with us with the beauty of Rio behind us
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


Trent and I (and my new baby bump) with the Christus behind us on the far peak
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

These two activities could have easily taken all day to enjoy but we were trying to see as much as possible so we pushed Ricardo into taking us to more.  I should also mention that Ricardo was also great at stopping at all the best places to take pictures and was a pretty good photographer himself.  We used his skills all day long!


The Escardaria Selaron steps in Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014


Inside the Cathedral Metropolitan of Sao Sebastia and the exterior of the Santo Antonio Cathedral
Rio de Janeiro Brazil February 2104

We drove downtown to see some of the sites of the old city.  One cool place we stopped to grab a few pictures was the Escardaria Selaron, an old stairway that is covered in tiles and mosaics.  From there we ran over to Cathedral Metropolitan of Sao Sebastia.  It is a modern styled cathedral that is inspired by the Mayan pyramids of mexico.  It also features stain glassed windows from floor to ceiling that form a cross at the top.  Built between 1964-1971 it is a new structure but worth the visit.  Next we walked over to the Santo Antonio Cathedral which featured two houses of worship.  One for the commoners and very plain compared to the one for the wealthy that is covered in gold and bits of silver from wall to wall floor to ceiling.  It was beautiful.  There is a $1 donation expected at the door so come prepared.


The beautiful interior of the Santo Antonio Cathedral
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 2014

 coffee shop

We continued our walk over to the shopping area of Rio and ran in to buy some delicious bakery items at the Confeitaria Colombo, the oldest coffee shop in Rio.  Colombo has a charm all its own and worth a visit just to enjoy the ambiance and again the cheese bread and maybe the lime tarts, both delicious!

Our last stop of the day was at a Trip Advisor #200 out of over 8,000 restaurants called Satyricon.  It was an authentic Brazilian Seafood Italian restaurant.  We enjoyed a very authentic meal of octopus, tuna, oysters, scallops, lobster, calamari, sardines and more.  I enjoyed some of those items but stuck with my fillet steak with fettecini.  It was a great place to end our day but in all honesty I enjoyed our visit to Bazzar restaurant from the day before.  There we enjoyed perfectly presented soups, salads, steaks, and salmon again with excellent service and outstanding food.  Both times we were the only people in the restaurants at 5:00pm because most Brazilians don’t eat dinner until 8:30 or 9:00pm!  We enjoyed being spoiled with service and the delicious food of both restaurants.  I’d recommend the bread chips with tomato raisin chutney that I had a Bazzar to everyone who visits this great city!


Safe and Happy Travels!