Rafting Iguazu Falls in Brazil!
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Rafting Iguazu Falls in Brazil!

Rafting Iguazu Falls in Brazil!

Destination: Iguazu Falls, Brazil Date: February 2014 Activity: Jungle Safari and Boat Tour

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A gorgeous rainbow from the decks surrounding Iguazu Falls
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014

 Iguazu Falls is one of the most majestic places I have ever visited.  I can easily say it was a spiritual experience.  But I’ll get to all of that in a minute.  After spending a day in Rio we boarded a flight to Iguazu at the Rio airport.  After an hour and fifty five minute flight we landed in the small airport of Iguazu Foz.  We collected our luggage and took a $11 taxi ride over to the park entrance of Iguazu.


Welcome to the Foz do Iguazu Airport
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014

Iguazu is a national park in Brazil that host the longest waterfall in the world!  It is listed as one of the Natural Seven Wonders of the World on many lists.  The park only hosts one hotel the Hotel Cataratas where we decided to stay for the one evening we spent on this side of Brazil.  This hotel is a beautiful Portuguese inspired destination hotel and was built in 1958 for visitors of the park.  Its old exterior and legacy of romance doesn’t take away from the modern covienences in the rooms. I’d highly recommend a stay at this resort when visiting the falls.  The best part about this hotel is that it gives guests at the hotel time to view the park before and after usual park hours.


Hotel Cataratas is just feet away from the majestic beauty of Iguazu Falls
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014

Since the national park is only open daily from 9-5 guests at the hotel have private access to the walkways that over look this beautiful waterfall before and after the park opens and closes.  Since the park can get quite crowded during open hours this is a huge bonus to hotel guests.


The hotel is in close proximity of the falls. It was an amazing location!
Iguazu Falls, Brazil February 2014

After checking into our rooms and dropping off our luggage we were ready for an adventure!  We quickly arranged with the hotel concierge to take a safari and river ride tour with Macuco Safaris.  This gave Trent and I and our friends the “O”s a chance to experience the falls up close and personal.  Located just outside the parks entrance we got on a small train/tram that took us, along with a private guide, through the jungles of Iguazu.  We were given lots of information on the flora, fauna and animal life in the park and some interesting facts of the area.,


Much like how I envision Jurassic park, here is our little train ready to take us to the river
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014


Beginning our wild adventure in the river to the falls!
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014


Our point of departure down river from the falls
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014


Little did we know what we had ahead of us!
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014

After about a twenty-five minute drive we were led to the rivers entrance and given lifejackets for a wet and wild ride up the river to see the falls.  Our boat fit about fifteen guests and hoping it wouldn’t be too bumpy I took a seat in the back.  Most kids or carefree adults would probably want a front row seat!

From the boat platform to the falls it was about a fifteen minute wild and crazy boat ride.  We giggled and laughed at each bump and rapid our boat jumped along the way.  Once we arrived at the falls our driver took no time to drive us right up into the waterfall soaking us all head to foot.  To feel the power of the falls was amazing!  I can’t describe how hard the water fell down and sprayed our raggedy ann bodies as we screamed and laughed in our boat below.  It was majestic!


At the beginning of our wild ride with the “O’s”
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014


Holding on for our lives as the boat driver takes us in and out of the falls
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014


We giggled so hard our cheeks were hurting at the end of our ride!
Iguazu, Brazil February 2014

We were dowsed with water from the falls about ten different times and after about fifteen-twenty minutes of this crazieness it was time to head back to the docks.  As our boat skidded through the water I couldn’t help but notice how fast the current was running and how many rocks we had to avoid to keep our skiff safe.  I appreciated having an experienced driver get us thorugh. It was definitaley an experience of a lifetime!   Safe and Happy Travels!!