Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center, NYC
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Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center, NYC

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center, NYC

Destination: New York City, New York

Date: December 2013

Activity: Iceskating at Rockefeller Center


Trent and I in front of the Rockefeller Center Tree
New York City, NY December 2013

One of my favorite places is the Big Apple!  To celebrate our 20th  wedding anniversary Trent planned a perfect pre-Christmas trip so we could revel in the commercialism of Christmas in Manhattan.  It was fabulous!

I love going to New York at Christmas because of all the decorations, window displays, and general hype of the city.  It has a beat that gets everyone in the Christmas spirit.  From the dancing-Salvation-Army-bell-ringers taking donations on the street, to the homeless.  The general happiness and excitement of the holidays is in the air!


Trent on the ice at Rockefeller Center in front of the Christmas Tree.
New York City, NY July 2013

Going to visit the Rockefeller Christmas tree is a must!  Of course this is about a twenty minute activity but to add to the enchantment of this majestic tree I recommend taking an ice skate on the Rockefeller rink located just under the tree.  There are two ways to enjoy this activity.  One can either stand in line for the general admission skate times with  lines that can wrap around the center or book a reservation for a VIP ticket.  Of course this luxury of not waiting in lines, having a private skate changing area filled with cookies, chocolate kisses, and hot chocolate, coffee or tea comes with a hefty price tag.  If you’re just going to NYC for a one time occasion I recommend doing the VIP passes.  They are worth not having to wait in the huge lines.  VIP reservations can be made at the Rink at Rockefeller Ticket.


The drink center in the VIP ticket area at the Rockefeller Center
New York City, NY December 2013


The new shoe/skate changing area for the VIP ticket holders at Rockefeller Center
New York City, NY December 2013


He says he’s “working” as he takes a break from the ice
New York City, NY December 2013 

However, if you are not a fan of ice skating then just book a reservation at one of the restaurants that surround the rink and enjoy the view without the cold and embarrassment of falling on the slippery ice with so many observers.


The sunken iceskating rink is surrounded by restaurants. Its fun to watch the skaters but a little intimidating for the skaters
New York City, NY December 2013


Out front of the Rockefeller Building
New York City NY December 2013DSC_7722 

If you do decide to skate just know that the ice is usually pretty full during this time of year.  It is not meant for the serious skater because those going very fast are very frowned upon by other skaters.  Enjoy the view of the tree, take lots of pictures, and make the tight circle skate listening to the Christmas carols playing in the back ground.  It is one of the most Christmasy experiences of NYC!


Safe and Happy Travels!