Visiting the Jurrassic Park/NaPali Coast in Kauai
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Visiting the Jurrassic Park/NaPali Coast in Kauai

Visiting the Jurrassic Park/NaPali Coast in Kauai

Destination: The NaPali Coast

Date: November 2013

Activity: Snorkeling, Sunbathing on a Catamaran Ride


On the catamaran with all the kids and Baileys friend “K”
NaPali Coast, Kauai November 2013


One can’t say they’ve enjoyed Kauai without having visited the NaPali Coast line.  This is the gorgeous coast line that is only accessible by boat, helicopter or some very long hikes that only have trails to part of the coast.  However, which ever way you decide to see it, it is worth it!  Our group hadn’t been to the NaPali coast line in years and we were ready to visit again.  This beautiful area of Kauai was featured in the movie Jurassic Park as the helicopter comes into the supposed island of Coasta Rica.  Instead the lush, green, clipped moutnains showed in the movie are in fact located right here on Kauai.


The NaPali Coast line from the ocean
Kauai, November 2013

We decided to book our tour with Captain Andy’s.  We had used this same tour company in the past but due weather we didn’t have the best experience.  However, due to the excellent reviews again on Trip Adviosr we decided to give them a second chance.  We are sure glad we did.


A little map of the Garden Isle
Kauai November 2013


Leah and Lexi on board our boat
NaPali Coast, Kauaii November 2013

Our tour started out at Port Allen, not far from Poipu.  We stopped at the local McDonalds for a quick bite to eat with the kids and headed over to Captain Andy’s for our 7:15am reservation.  Soon they had our group loaded onto our catamaran with our crew of three local Hawaiians.  These guys were fantastic.  They made the entire experience fun and kept asking us if there was anything more they could do for us to make our trip enjoyable.

Soon our family of eight found a transom to lay out on and we started our two hour journey out to the Napali coastline.  Within the first half hour on the boat we stopped for some snorkel time.  Though I was a little reluctant to start snorkeling at 8:00am I didn’t want the kids to think I was a party popper so I jumped in with them.  I was glad I did.  The water was great and the fish were beautiful.  We soon had an opportunity to watch nature up close and personal as two huge sea turtles began mating right in the middle of our snorkel party.  I tried to tell the kids they were just wrestling but the older ones were onto me and knew exactly what was going on.


Our kids found their spot to lay out during our tour
NaPali Coast, Kauai November 2013


Had to include this funny girls pic as we waited to take the boat out of the harbor
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2013


Lexi is ready for a day of fun!
NaPali Coast, Kauai November 2013

After about an hour of snorkeling we were ready to get on our way.  However we soon stopped again as we watched two hump back whales start preforming for our boat.  They were splashing their tails and waving their fins at our boat and it felt like something choreographed by Sea World.  It was a beautiful show!



Leah always looks cute in her snorkel gear
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2013


Lexi and Bailey in the back ground enjoying a swim with giant sea turtles
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2013

Our kids then jokingly told the captain if he could just find us some dolphins we will have experienced all the best marine life in Kauai.  Our captain said he’d do his best and within thirty minutes we came across a school of dolphins swimming in unison around our boat.  We had captured seeing all the big three on our days adventure!


We got so lucky to come across this school of dolphins
NaPali Coastline Kauai November 2013



Trent and I enjoying a beautiful Thanksgiving day out on the water
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2013

After arriving to the Napali coastline we were in awe of its beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, foliage, private beaches and stories told by the crew.  Our boat captain got in very close to the coastline just to let the kids feel a waterfall on their heads off of a cliff onto our boat.  We were that close!


Our captain got so close to the shoreline we were able to feel a waterfall from the boat
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2012


Trent bonding with his twinners
NaPali Coastline, Kauai November 2013


The kids won’t leave me alone as I lay out on the catamaran transom
NaPali Coastline Kauai November 2013


Unlike other tours we’ve been on the the lunch provided with Captain Andy’s was delicious.  We had fresh turkey and ham to make sandwiches, fresh fruit, a delicious pasta salad and sodas, waters and juices.  We picnicked on the boat, laid out in the sun, and had a great afternoon.  Being Thanksgiving day we knew we had a lot to be grateful for.  Mostly we couldn’t keep out the thought of how grateful we were for this beautiful earth our Heavenly Father has given us.  It was a day to remember and for giving thanks!

Mahalo and Safe and Happy Travels!