Learning to Surf in Kauai, Hawaii
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Learning to Surf in Kauai, Hawaii

Learning to Surf in Kauai, Hawaii

Destination: Kauai, Hawaii

Date: November 2013


Just landed in Lihue after almost 12 hours of travel! Clay & Bailey were overjoyed!
Lihue, Kauai November 2013


Bailey and her friend “K” could hardly wait to get to the beach
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013

What a year of travel it has been! At Thanksgiving this year we found ourselves headed off to Kauai Hawaii for a week of fun in the sun.  Though we had spent much of our summer on the beach in the South Pacific we didn’t mind heading back to a beach destination in Hawaii.

Our stay in Kauai is always at the same resort, The Marriott Waiohai in Poipu.  We love this resort because of the two bedroom villas which also include a living room and kitchen with a small area for dining.  The rooms sleep up to eight people which is perfect for our group.  The resort boasts five pools, a small market place, a beach bar and small restaurant and a beautiful courtyard with a swan pond and waterfalls.  It is also a very family oriented resort with lots of children and football or soccer found often being played on the grassy fields near the beach.  My kids love it here!


The beach front entrance to the Waiohai Beach Club
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013


THe family area and kitchenette of the timeshare rooms
Kauai Hawaii, November 2013


Our master bedroom with plumpy pillows and down comforter
Kauai Hawaii, November 2013


The grounds of the Waiohai Resort
Kauai Hawaii, November 2013


Bailey, her friend “K” & Lexi & Leah enjoying the grounds
Kauai, Hawaii, November 2013

Another reason we love this resort is for the many daily activities available from painting nails, snack times, bingo, surf lessons and everything in between.  My kids love to plan their daily activities around these events.  On the second day of our arrival we decided to enroll our oldest five into surf lessons.  The lessons are offered through the resort and very easy to set up with the concierge. Located right out the front of the resort on the beautiful Poipu Beach it made for a very convenient way to take surf lessons.

The instructor for the kids was a very nice twenty-something guy.  He helped all of our children get their boards down to the beach and gave them about a twenty minute dry land lesson at the waters edge.  Once he felt they had a good understanding of the concepts it was time to hit the water.


Leah & Lexi were anxious to hit the water and start surfing
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013


Bailey was a natural at surfing, but then again this wasn’t her first lesson
Kauai Hawaii, November 2013


Our instructor giving the kids the basics while still on the sand
Kauai, Hawaii, November 2013


Bailey and her buddy “K” trying to surf close enough to give each other high fives
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013


The beautiful surf of Poipu Beach
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013


All the kids got up surfing. Leah seemed to have the most natural ability
Kauai, Hawaii November 2013

Bailey and her friend “K”,(who took Colton’s spot on this family vacation since he couldn’t leave due to sporting events at school) were quick to pick up on the basic’s of surfing.  Clay, Leah and Lexi weren’t far behind and soon all five were catching waves and riding them in.  It was an exciting day for all of them.  I think learning to surf in Kauai will always be a fun story for them to tell in the future!

Safe and happy Travels!  Aloha!!