Setting Sail Aboard the Amara; French Polynesia Part 2
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Setting Sail Aboard the Amara; French Polynesia Part 2

Setting Sail Aboard the Amara; French Polynesia Part 2

Destination: The Boat/Yacht/Catamaran…. The Amara

Date: July 2013


The Amara
A Bay in Moorea, July 2013

(Journal Excerpt from July 17, 2013)

We have finally arrived at my sisters boat The Amara.  After a full day of fun events in Tahiti we finally arrived at the marina and loaded the kids up in “K & M”’s dingy and shuttled the kids over to The Amara.


My sister “K”, brother-in-law “M” and their daughter “L” our hosts for the next 15 days!
French Polynesia, July 2013


The Amara’s layout

I’m not even sure what to call this amazing home that floats on water.  This place is fantastic.  It has four bedrooms with queen beds in each.  Since “K & M” have one room and their crew has another they have generously given up two rooms for our family.  Trent and I have taken one for ourselves and we’ve put the three little girls in the second room.  That just left Colton, Bailey and Clay a little homeless.

After doing a little organizing today Colton found a hold in the front of the boat that sleeps a single person.  Its meant to house a captain but since “K & M”’s captain is married to the cook they have their own larger room together.  Colton was really excited to find a place to call home and he didn’t mind  the coffin sized accommodations that will sleep him for the next fourteen days.  That just left Bailey and Clay to find areas in the kitchen to lay down some blankets and wrap themselves up for the night.


Our cheesy family playing cards aboard the outdoor dining area aboard the Amara
French Polynesia, July 2013

Besides the four rooms there is also four bathrooms!  Not the stinky kind found in motor homes but nice ones that are clean and have decent sized showers and areas to get ready.  I am enjoying the entire experience.  My brother-in-law “M” calls this a floating motor home but it is so much more than that.

Upon our arrival to The Amara we were given a orientation course by our gracious hosts of what to expect during our two week adventure.  “M” had even put together a pamphlet for the kids which told the kids they were about to begin a unique opportunity and learn about the ocean world.  It also told them that they would not only learn about sailing, snorkeling, diving, and a little marine biology but they would also learn the values of the Amara which are personal safety, respect for others, and protecting our oceans.  What a great lesson for my kids to learn.


Trent contemplating a way he can get his own boat someday 🙂
Moorea Bay, July 2013

In the pamphlet he also included questions for the kids to find answers during our stay.  When the two weeks is all said and done the kids should be able to name different kinds of reef fish, how to properly enter and exit the water, learntthe points of the compass and set a course for Bora Bora and many other fun facts of sailing.  It will be fun to see what they have acutally learned on our own version of schooling on the “White Squall” without of course the terrible tragedy of that movie.  😉


Moorea Bay, July 2013

Today we left the island of Tahiti and set sail to Moorea.  It was only about a two hour sail at about 10 knots per hour.  We made excellent time and arrived to the most spectacular views of the lagoon in Moorea.


Bella and Leah enjoying the weather in Moorea
Bay of Moorea, July 2013

When we did get underway Bella kept saying “I”m sailing, I’m really sailing!”  a quote from the movie “What About Bob?” It made us all crack up laughing.  She even sat at the front of the boat in her little lifejacket singing as loud as she could to the ocean and fish (so she said).  She couldn’t be happier on this journey.  However what kid wouldn’t when the daily attire is bathing suits and sunblock.  Who needs anything else?


Lexi loved her seat at the front of the boat!
In the Bay of Moorea, July 2013

The crew on the Amara are two very fine people, Captain “D” and our cook “S”.  They are from Melbourne Austrailia and have been sailing for twenty-two years.  They are definitely one of a kind type crew.  “S” is so thoughtful of my kids dietary wants and needs and is a very thoughtful and kind woman.  Captain “D” is a professional at sailing and though we quizzed him time and again on his most trecherous sailing trips he could only name one which came early in his sailing career.  It was scary but no tragedy occurred.  Of course the last little occupant on this boat is my sisters daughter “L”.  She is a doll.  She keeps a smile on her face for everyone on the boat at all times.  What a great life she has aboard the Amara.


The kids posing with our delightful crew Captain “D” and his wife and our cook “S”. We all quickly fell in love with them both. This was on our special “island” night which “S” had us all dress up and decorated the boat for a special dinner.
French Polynesia, July 2013


The back of the Amara where we entered and exited from the dinghy.
French Polynesia, July 2013

The kids loved watching the sails go up and streaming through the water as we watched our new island get larger and larger as it came into view.  So far I could definitely imagine going home and selling all of my possessions to have a new life on the sea.  Forget the daily grind and routine.  Who cares about soccer practices, dance recitals, and football games?  I am ready for the life of a sailor right now but who knows how it will be at the end of these two weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!

Safe & Happy Travels!