Operation Baby Chicks in Teleman; Guat Part 3
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Operation Baby Chicks in Teleman; Guat Part 3

Operation Baby Chicks in Teleman; Guat Part 3

Destination: Teleman, Guatemala Day Two

Date: June 2013


Inside of the home of one of our “chicken coop” families. This elderly woman (in the center) takes care of nine grandchildren while her grown children work.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

(Journal excerpt from June 18, 2013)

Today we had some sweet experiences with the members of the church here in Teleman.  Trent is trying really hard to help set up some opportunities to “teach the people to fish instead of just giving them a fish”. So he is working closely with the Branch President here, President Barias, to help both members of our church and others set up chicken farms at their homes.  So today we met with those people at the church and divided up chicks to give to them. First the kids had to give the chicks immunizations and then divide up the feed.


Bailey posing with one of our baby chicks during the vaccination stage
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013


Bellas favorite part of the chicken coop project was vaccinating the baby chicks
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013


Trent with President Barias on his right discussing the chicken project with the locals
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

Once the people left with their chicks and feed we were rewarded with lunch by President Barias and his family.  It was a very good meal of “caldo pollo”, chicken soup.  They gave us each a bowl of broth and then a bowl of rice was put in the middle of the table for us to scoop in as much rice as we desired.  Then there was a big bowl of chicken brought in and we had to pull apart the chicken to put it in our soup.  It didn’t seem to matter that it was about 95 degrees outside.  Soup is for any kind of weather in Guatemala!


Chicken Caldo soup that was served to us by the Barias Familia
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013


Our family enjoying our delicious meal as the family that prepared it waits for us to enjoy it before serving themselves. It didn’t matter what we said, they waited for us to finish before beginning to eat. They are they dearest people.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

The kids were all good sports and hungry enough to eat most anything put in front of them.  I think this has been the best thing about this trip.  They have stopped most of their picky eating disorders they have in the states.  Lexi  has always prided herself for not eating chicken but since being here she has eaten lots of chicken and many fried eggs.  I was shocked when I saw her eat the chicken right off the bone today at lunch.  She still wouldn’t touch the broth but I think that had more to do with it being soup and it was so hot.


One of the many paths from town that led up to the mountains and many hidden homes.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

Once our lunch was cleaned up we started out to take inventory of who needs our help building chicken coops.  We walked about two miles up, and then down, and up, and then down, the mountains near the city to meet with the people and see if they needed a chicken coop. Then we’d decided where it would be built, and if there were other needs we may be able to help with during our stay in Teleman.


Clay posing with his walking stick and his bag of water. They didn’t sell many bottled waters in this part of Guat.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

I was grateful we had a guide because finding these homes would have been next to impossible. Many of the paths we went on were tiny and could have been easily missed.  Forget addresses or map quest, that is virtually impossible here.  Most people live with tin roof homes that have fire pits inside for cooking and hammocks or wooden slats for sleeping.


My three youngest posing with the grandma of one of the families we served. There were hammocks and cots all over this little home to accommodate all of the grandchildren she cared for.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

We visited with an elderly couple who are well into their seventies and have nine small grandchildren that they take care of.  Their chicken coop was the most impressive but they have a terrible ant infestation and all of us were jumping up and down swatting at ants during most of our visit.  It was a miserable existence, however they were so grateful for our visit and the kids gave each one of the grandchildren Pez dispensers with candy to brighten their day.


Lexi enjoying her bag of water on a very hot hike to one of the homes
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013


As we walked by a local school these children wanted to get their picture with the Americans.
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

Our last activity today was a special church meeting in our honor.  President Barias asked both Trent and I to speak to the people and bare our testimonies.  The spirit was very strong since Trent has a special place in his heart for the Guatemalan people after having served here over twenty years ago as a missionary.  His love is still so simple.  He bore his testimony that we are all the same in the eyes of the Lord. The Lord loves the people of Guatemala as much as He does of those who live in China, Russia or the US.  It was interesting that even though Trent spoke in Spanish we still had to have it translated into the Indian dialect Kekchi.


Bailey and Bella on one of the long hikes up the trail
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

 Once the meeting was over the kids all ran outside to play soccer in the pouring rain.  President Barias also played with them.  It was a fun activity for them.  Even with lighting in the background it didn’t stop them from their game of futbol!


Posing with the Elders  and our guide on the streets of Teleman
Guatemala June 2013


The gas station where we ate most of our meals. We did skip the night they served cows tongue!
Teleman, Guatemala June 2013

Our night wrapped up with dinner at the local gas station with the Elders who are serving here in Teleman.  One is from Honduras and the other is from Alpine Utah.  They were great missionaries that gave us some great stories as we ate with the locals.  It was another great day but very hard.  I’d really enjoy a warm shower right now but a bucket bath is all I get!

Safe and Happy Travels!!