Serving the Guatemalans in Senahu

Serving the Guatemalans in Senahu

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Destination: Senahu, Guatemala

Date: June 2013


The day they arrived in Senahu after a seven hour drive from the city.
Senahu, Guatemala, June 2013

We are off on another adventure!  Well at least Trent and the kids are!  Bailey and I are about to join them but had to stay home in Texas so we could attend our Young Women’s camp.  Trent decided not to stay behind and wait so he began our humanitarian adventure without the two of us.


The little city of Senahu
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013

Eight days ago Trent along with Colton, Clayton, Lexi, Leah and Bella boarded a three hour flight to Guatemala City.  Our kids were surprised to find that Guatemala City is actually closer to San Antonio than their Nana’s house in Utah.  Once they arrived in Guat they found their rental car and started the laborious seven hour drive up to Senahu.


The girls playing with the local children. Bella and this little girl held hands all day. Leah is teaching the kids how to load the Pez dispensers we brought down, and Lexi is playing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with the children.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013

We have been planning this trip for months.  We decided to cut out all of the sports camps, Especially For Youth camps, and focus on our family and what we can do for others.  One of my favorite motto’s I’ve been hearing and seeing lately is “Be Good, Do Good.”  I can’t help but identify with this mantra.  Our biggest challenge was finding a charity that would accept small children.  Most of the organizations we found online seem to have age requirements of at least 12-years and older.  Finding one that would accommodate four young children, 6, 8, 8, and 11 was a little challenging.  Our prayers were answered when we saw an article on Charity in the LDS Living magazine.  With a few phone calls, emails and answered questions, we knew we had found a great charity to work with.


One of my favorite pictures… This is Leah and Bella helping to build bunk beds for a widow and her six children who were sleeping on the dirt floor of their little home in the mountains.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


Colton helping build the bunk beds and the girls with the family they are delivering the beds to.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013

We planned on a three week trip.  We felt like this would be an awesome experience for our little guys.  I was excited about not having to find ways to entertain the masses all summer.  Plus as parents, Trent and I have been worried about our children’s work ethics.  I think this is common these days.  With all the gadgets we have to make our lives easier we know we aren’t doing them any favors by keeping their lives easy.  One of our family mottos that we discuss regularly is “Life’s not fair, work hard.”  I don’t want any of them to think just because one child received something or their friends have something that they are entitled to the same.  Life is work and they better learn how to do it!  I think we should also tack onto the end of that motto.. “And enjoy life!”  Life is worth enjoying every minute.  I sure hope my kids are enjoying their time in Guatemala.


A mural they helped design and paint at the local library
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share of their adventure thus far.  I will be adding more to the blog after I arrive but here are a few photos Trent has shared.  I hope they are learning to work hard!


Their first Sunday at church in the city with some of their new friends
Senahu Guatemala, June 2013


One day they helped pick up trash around the city with three-hundred volunteers.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


Sometimes these volunteers need a break so they go to the local chapel and play games with their new friends.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


A local family they served and a woman on the street that made friends with Lexi
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


These three girls helped carry an old woman out of her home in the mountains and took her to a much needed doctors appointment
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


After a local villager died the kids helped build a tomb to lay his body in. They do not bury people in Senahu but build above the ground tombs.
Senahu, Guatemala June 2013


Lexi is the designated photographer and so she is taking pictures of the tomb building.
Senahu Guatemala June 2013

Wish me luck.  Bailey and I fly into Guatemala City and then will rent our car and find our little guide that will direct us the seven hour drive up to Senahu to meet up with Trent and the kids.  I am very excited to join them but nervous about the driving and the roads.  It should be a very exciting trip tomorrow!

As always Safe and Happy Travels!!!


Safe and Happy Travels!!!