Race Cars & Vegas

Race Cars & Vegas

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Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: July 2012


For Trents 40th Cosmo the BYU Cougar showed up to wish him a Happy Birthday!
Provo, Utah, June 2012

Trying to come up with something creative for my husbands birthday is one of the hardest things I encounter every year.  Then in June of 2012 it was time for the big 4-0 and I thought I would never be able to figure out something to wow him!  If you know Trent he is much more excited about experiences than presents.  That is probably why we travel so much.  He loves to experience new things, new cultures, new people, and so we are always in the search of a new adventure.  For his birthday I knew this would not be an exception, so I had to plan a fun experience.


Our great friends the “C”s and the “P”s met us at our hotel for a weekend of fun!
Las Vegas Nevada, July 2012

Since it was his fortieth and so many of our friends had recently moved from San Antonio I knew a trip somewhere is just what we needed.  We happened to have been in Utah on the day of his birthday, June 30, so the very next day we woke up, and left the kids with my mom, as we headed to the airport.  He had no idea where we were headed.  I only told him to pack clothes for two days, and we were going somewhere hot.  He had no clue we were headed to Las Vegas Nevada!

Once we arrived at the airport it became too hard to keep our destination a secret.  So he soon found out where we were going.  Once we arrived in Vegas I had a car pick us up at the airport and take us over to the MGM Grand Hotel right on the strip.  I had rented a MGM Sky loft and we were set for a luxury hotel experience.  As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were whisked off to the VIP registration filled with all sorts of yummy treats.  Then our private concierge walked us up to our room and we were acquainted with our two bedroom, two story loft that had a pool table, two living areas with giant TV’s and all state of the art “smart” electronics.


Trent and his buddy “B” Inside our Sky Loft at the MGM
Las Vegas Nevada, July 2012


Our Skyloft at the MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada July 2012

Soon the doorbell rang and four of our very best friends showed up to share this fun birthday adventure!  It didn’t take long for the fun to begin.  I had set the guys up with a fun adventure over at Exotics Racing.  It is the ultimate driving experience!  Just booking this appointment online was a lot of fun.  I was able to pick how many different exotic cars each of the guys would be driving, and how may laps.  Since I wanted give them the chance to drive as many exotic vehicles as possible I set it up for each of the three guys to drive five cars.  That gave them the chance to see fifteen of these exotics in action.

photo 4

Trent posing with one of the vehicles he had a chance to drive at Exotics Racing
Las Vegas, Nevada March 2012

photo 2

Another one of Trent’s rides for the day
Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2012


photo 3

Trent loved this whole experience!
Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2012

Though the guys were terrible about taking pictures they had a great time driving the cars around the huge track.  Each of them were given a coach to ride shot gun and help them around the track.  They loved the entire experience.  I think it was just as much fun for the party guests as it was for the birthday boy.


Girls shopping trip at the Forum
Las Vegas, Nevada July 2012

After their day on the track they met up with us girls after our day of shopping.  We had enjoyed a lunch at Max Brenner’s at the Forum and we all headed to dinner back at our Sky loft suite.  It was sweet!  We were able to choose entrees from fifteen different restaurants in the hotel.  The restuarants included Diego, Emmerils New Orleans Fish House, Shibuya Japanese Cuisine, Fiamma Trattoria, Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill, Sea Blue Mediterranean RestaurantTom Colicchios Craftsteak, and many other delicious selections.  Having the opportunity to order off the menu of all these restaurants gave us the best selections of each right in our room!  It was amazing!


One of our favorite restaurants in New York so we gave it a try in Vegas!
Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2012


Our friend “B” posing with the many desserts we ordered that day at Max Brenner’s
Las Vegas Nevada, July 2012


Enjoying our dinner in our Sky loft at the MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2012

Our last actiity for the day was to go see the Cirque du Soleil show “O”.  It was O-Mazing!!  Do I sound ridiculous?  I highly recommend seeing most shows by Cirque du Soleil.  It was very cool to see the high dives, and acrobatics by these world renown performers.  It is definitely worth seeing first hand!


Our friends “A” and “T” just outside the Cirque Du Soleil Show “O”
Las Vegas Nevada, July 2012


Always fun to be reunited with friends!
Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2012

By the time the show was over we were ready to go back and enjoy the lights of Vegas from our skyloft.  Thanks to our personal concierge the mess from our dinner was cleaned up and our room ready for a night of fun.  Our night of fun consisted of sitting around the huge windows of the loft and laughing our heads off as we caught up with our friends.  In the end I think Trent had a great birthday!  His fortieth will be one that neither of us will ever forget and as for a gift?  He does have one little reminder of that great birthday since I did get him an engraved money clip.  Unfortunately after a weekend like this it was empty!!

Safe and Happy Travels