Merry Christmas Everyone!! Our Christmas Card 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Our Christmas Card 2012

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Destination: Christmas!!
Date: December 2012

Hey everyone we are off on our next adventure over to the Mediterranean.  Hope you don’t get sick of our adventures.  I’ll try and take good notes so when you plan your next adventure you may have some good tips.  For now just enjoy our Christmas card below.  My daughter Leah wrote this little gem and she has quite a take on our family.

And we are off!! Christmas Mediterranean Adventure 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Love, Bella, Colton, Elder Cory Collins, Clay, Bailey, Leah, Lexi, Courtney, Trent and of course Trixie!

                                                                                                                                                                                        Christmas 2012
Dear Everyone, 
I (Leah) have decided to write our family Christmas letter this year.  I hope you like it.  I looked at other Christmas letters and think this is the way to do it. 
Colton – 16, In 2012, Colton could barely make his bed each morning, and yet some how the school accepted him into the National Honor Society. We also let Colton stay home this past summer and work at Texas Armoring for a few weeks while the family went on vacation. He earned some money and then he lost it all when he got his first speeding ticket. Haha  Colton is in 11th grade, plays football, is the Varsity basketball team manager, and is planning to leave on his mission for our church right out of high school.  My parents say he is one of their favorite kids.
Bailey – 14, Bailey is out of middle school and loves high school. She is in swimming and pep squad. She cheered at every football game and she loves eating! (lunch with Colton at school). Bailey tried out for the swim team and made it and we are all dragged to her swim meets that are long and boring unless she is swimming.  My mom did get my other sisters and I cheer uniforms to wear to her games and Colton’s football games so that makes it a little more fun to go watch.
Clayton – 10, Clay has most recently received his black belt and he loves to use it against Colton. He now has a new motto which is “If you don’t want to quit it, don’t join it”. I think he says that because it took him so long to get his black belt and he was always begging my mom to quit.  Clay also started golf and he mostly likes it. We see some potential in his golf swing. He also wants everyone to know that he is a pretty smart 5th grader and has really funny instagrams.  If you do follow him you’ll know he wants to be a cartoonist or puppeteer like his hero’s Charles Schwarz or Jim Henson.
Lexi – 8, Lexi is the tallest 2nd grader in her school (I’m not kidding she really is!)  She has been doing very well in soccer. She makes a lot of goals on our team but the coach says she needs to run more because she gets tired easy.   This year Lexi and I are getting used to not being in the same class, which I love, but isn’t Lexi’s favorite.  I think she likes having me in the same class to remind her to do her homework.   She (and I) were also baptized at Thanksgiving time with two of our cousins.  All of my dads family came and we had fun with all of our cousins.  One of the best parts was the zip line my Grandpa put up at his house so we could all play on it during Thanksgiving.
Leah – 8, That’s me! I am a very smart little girl and my teachers all love me.  I’m a very good soccer player and I also got baptized.  I’m pretty tall too but Lexi is taller.  I also finished 1st grade this year and am in 2nd grade now. Hurrahhh!   I got scriptures for my baptism and started reading from the very beginning.  I am almost done reading the Bible.  Lexi and I do a lot of the same things like soccer, dance and piano lessons.  I like to practice everyday but Lexi doesn’t.  Lexi is better at keeping our room clean and picking out my clothes everyday.  I don’t really care about that stuff.  My parents tell me everyday that I am their favorite kid!                                                                                                                                                                
Bella -5, Bella finished Spanish pre-school this year… so exciting.  She is now in kindergarten at Canyon Ridge with Lexi, Clay and I.  She likes riding the bus with us everyday and has only gotten her folder signed three times this year.  She also thinks Lexi and I are her twins because she calls us “her twins”. She is also learning how to read but I think this letter will be too long for her to finish so I could say anything I want about her.  Mostly she is nice, but since she is the baby, she’s a big boss.  
Cory  -19, My cousin Cory came to live with us in May and he worked at my dad shop to make money for his mission.  Cory’s room smelled a little stinky, but at least he takes a shower.  He just went into the MTC and is going to Guatemala City South for his mission, that is the same mission my dad went on.  I am really glad he is serving a mission, and now that he is gone we have aired out his room and it doesn’t smell anymore.  Now if only we could air out Colton’s room.  I don’t know why the older boys smell so bad.  
Mom and Dad– Old,  My mom and dad are getting old.  My dad had a big birthday this year which everyone said that he is now “over the hill”.  My dad has a cool job so he was chosen to make a “I’m a Mormon” video for our church.  We all got to be on it and talk about how much we love living in Texas.  The video doesn’t come out until spring, it will be found at  My mom is busy being our mom.  She is lots of fun and only mean sometimes.  She started writing a travel blog called and it is fun to look at the pictures.  She writes too much so I only look at the pictures.  She and my dad went on a long trip around the world in March and only took Bailey and Clay with them.  They were gone for a long time but I got to spend time with a babysitter and my Nana and Aunt Kym.  The best part was having my cousin Lily here to play with.  I hope they don’t go on any long trips without us again.
Merry Christmas!  I hope you liked my Christmas letter.  I have never written one before.  My brother Colton did help me write a few things but it was mostly all me.  Have a fun Christmas break and think about Jesus.